October 23, 2016

the verification card from KRY radio (Yamaguchi, Japan)

Yamaguchi Prefecture is in the Chugoku region of the main island of Honshu. The capital is Yamaguchi city, in the center of the prefecture. However the largest city is Shimonoseki, nearby Kyushu (Kitakyushu city, Fukuoka pref). I'd stayed in Fukuoka...

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October 22, 2016

My recent contributions to BDXC's monthly magazines

I'm the only Japanese BDXC member, who contribute to monthly club's magazine 'Communication' many times. It's my great pleasure to be able to appear lots of times so that I should indicate deeply appreciate editors' efforts.   My recent achievements...

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October 16, 2016

From Joerg Klingenfuss (Oct. 2016)

I've just received a mail from Joerg, owner of the publishing company, Klingenfuss Publications, located in Tuebingen, Baden-Wurttermberg, Germany. He wrote that recently, they've used Web-SDRs from all over the world for the monitoring of professional HF digital data stations....

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October 15, 2016

【Notice】 Caution of translation

Hi visitors!   Despite of technology evolution, especially in information technology, the translation of language isn't always properly even now.   Please do not trust the translated contents, it is so awful and sometimes it shows totally opposit meanings.  ...

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October 14, 2016

A book 'worldwide listening guide' - 2

I think it's a very unique book, in fact I've never seen anything like it.   The editor's guide includes AM, FM, Satellite services and ‘Internet Radio’ programs. He said ‘listening to the radio’ means a number of things that...

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October 13, 2016

A book 'worldwide listening guide'

I'm a casual radio listener and not interested in so-called ‘SW DX'. SW broadcastings are clearly on the decline. I don't have any SDR nor communication receiver nor heavy external antenna.   Traveling worldwide with listening local broadcasts are always...

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October 09, 2016

The current status of 'Wide FM' services in Japan

As I posted, complementary (supplementary) FM services (called ‘Wide FM’) begin one after another among commercial (private) MW stations in Japan. I'd like to describe the latest situation in this time.   (the complementary/supplementary FM - explanations on this blog)...

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October 08, 2016

World Radio Map dot com

My receiving locations are worldwide, so need to keep up with latest information of local radio stations, accordingly have been a member of BDXC and ARDXC.    In many cases, maps or atlases are key tools to facilitate my intellectual...

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October 07, 2016

The memorable issue of BDXC’s magazine is free to non-members

I'm the only Japanese BDXC member, who contribute to monthly club's magazine 'Communication' many times. It's my great pleasure to be able to appear lots of times so that I should indicate deeply appreciate editors' efforts.   On July 2016,...

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October 03, 2016

Appears on the BDXC's 'Communication' October 2016 issue

I'm the only Japanese BDXC member, who contribute to monthly club's magazine 'Communication' many times. In the October 2016 issue (edition 503) ,on page #22, the article titled 'Tsushima band scan’ appears.   Chrissy Brand, the editor of this bulletin,...

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October 02, 2016

The new PL-680 has just joined 'my team'

As I wrote, purchased a PL-680 by Tecsun in last April.   http://listening-overseas.air-nifty.com/radio/2016/04/the-pl-680-join.html   Because of its high performance, I'm really pleased with it and decided to replace a PL-660 with the other PL-680. The model which I purchased is...

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October 01, 2016

the verification card from MBC radio (Kagoshima, Japan)

Kagoshima Prefecture is located in the southwest tip of Kyushu island on the Satsuma Peninsula and Osumi Peninsulas. The capital is Kagoshima city. This prefecture also includes a chain of islands stretching further to the southwest of Kyushu for a...

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September 30, 2016

The impression of my Eton Satellit (Grundig Edition)

Not only does an Eton Satellit (Grundig Edition) have a good sensitivity, but it also offers its users quite a few rich functions.   I felt the FM band is subpar level for sensitivity and under-preforming unless antenna fully extended....

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September 29, 2016

an ATS-405's 'Soft Mute' and 'Tuning Mute'

I found this model has a few unique on/off selections named Soft Mute and Tuning Mute. According to the manual in English, Soft Mute is to reduce background noise during weak signal, however it will also reduce radio reception. The...

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September 23, 2016

visited JAL's 'Sky museum' and hangers in HND - 2

A typical tour course lasts 90 minutes: aviation seminar (30 minutes), exhibit tour (20 minutes) and hangar tour (40 minutes). Excluding New Year's holidays the museum is open daily with tours. Visitors can book tours up to six months in...

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«visited JAL's 'Sky museum' and hangers in HND

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    I've been the only authorized Japanese country assistant of RSGB IOTA committee since 1998. RSGB is the abbreviation of Radio Society Great Britain. The only amateur radio organization in UK and one of major org like ARRL(USA), DARC(Germany), WIA(Australia) , REF(France) JARL(Japan) …
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