Aug 30, 2014

Next radio listening in foreign countries

It has been cool since August 22 in Tokyo area. Because of the cool weather, my body is now easier than hot days. However, it had been raining most of last week. From now, it's a good season to listen...

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Aug 29, 2014

Congratulations to the 40 years anniversary of BDXC!

I've just received the special 40th anniversary issue of 'Communicataion'. I've a member of BDXC for just five years, however feel an honor to be a current member. It looks through members' eyes at the DXing scene back in the...

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Aug 23, 2014

the verification card from NHK World Radio Japan

I got the card which confirms the reception report in Guam island.

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Aug 17, 2014

used the PL-880 for a long time in Guam

I'd used my PL-880 for a long time in Guam. I think, the pros and cons of this receiver is becoming clearer. I feel the most advantage is, very attractive and has reasonably good sound, also sensitivity and selectivity are...

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Aug 15, 2014

return from Guam

I've just returned from Guam, now in Japan, however, it's hot as much as Guam. A bulging heat dome – or ridge of high pressure – centered over the Pacific Ocean near Tokyo is main driver of the heat, forecast...

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Aug 11, 2014

SW on Aug 11, 2014 (In Guam island)

kHz/station/SINPO/language/JST/comments 7325 CRI 55544 Japanese 2039 China supports developing countries 7360 CRI? 55444 Thai? 2043 talk by a female 7390 CRI? 53443 Filipino? 2046 talk by a female 9475 Radio Australia 55544 Pigin? 1836 about solomon islands 9570 KBS World...

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Aug 10, 2014

MW on Aug10, 2014 (In Guam island)

kHz/station/call-sign/signal-strength(1~5+) 567 KGUM(local)  5+ 630 KUAM(local)  5+ 693 NHK-Tokyo-2 JOAB 3 747 NHK-Sapporo-2 JOIB 2 774 NHK-Akita-2 JOUB 3 801 KTWG(Local) 5+ 828 NHK-Osaka-2 JOBB 2 864 Radio Okinawa JOXR 2 873 NHK-Kumamoto-2 JOGB 3 882 NHK-Shizuoka-1 JOPK 2 909...

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Aug 09, 2014

SW on Aug 09, 2014 (In Guam island)

kHz/station/SINPO/language/JST/comments 5020 SIBC 55544 English 1757 talk about ICT development plan in Solomon         islands by a male 5025 R.Rebelde? 22432 Spanish? 1800 music heavy SIBC 6180 Radio National da Brasilia 25322 Portguese 1707 music confirmed by...

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Aug 08, 2014

The view from hotel room

During this travel, I’ve stayed a hotel near Tumon area. I can step out onto the balcony and can see the most part of Tumon bay, with a lot of major hotels. I put my AN-LP1 over the hand rail,...

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Aug 07, 2014

Now in Guam island (Mariana islands)

I’m now in the Guam island on vacation, will stay until the middle of next week. Guam is one of popular destinations for Japanese tourists, however it’s very first time for me. Though I’d been to approx. ten times for...

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