Aug 01, 2015

The numbers of this blog (Aug 1, 2015)

Thank you very much for your visit and attention. I'd like to report the numbers of this blog, at the present day. It has been since May 10th, 2011. The number of accumulated hits is around 35,000. hits per one...

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Jul 22, 2015

Two 'Hot's in Japan now

In this week, some areas in Japan, temperatures have reached the 'triple digits' (more than 38 degree C) dangerously hot for us. Tatebayashi-city, in central Honshu's Gunma Prefecture, topped out at 100.8 degrees F on July 22. The Japan Meteorological...

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Jul 20, 2015

the Inter-FM is going to QSY to 89.7MHz

The 'Inter-FM' is one of my favorite stations. This station is the only multilingual FM station in Tokyo area, going to shift from 76.1MHz to 89.7MHz from October 2015, and change station name 'InterFM897'. When The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake struck...

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Jul 19, 2015

the ER-C57WR's air band

This model includes the Air band for travelers, as a means to listen to air traffic control while in an airport or awaiting a flight’s arrival. I have two portables (PL-660 and Eton Satellit) with the AIR band, but most...

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Jul 18, 2015

Sporadic E Openings on July 18, 2015 (In Japan)

Today’s afternoon, a strong Sporadic E had been available for a long time. I’d heard many Chinese and Taiwanese stations. Also I confirmed a few stations. It seems that the main opened area was Shanghai and Zhejiang province. The Hangzhou...

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Jul 10, 2015

Summer vacation in 2015

On the whole, globally, summer school vacation begins from June to end of August. As for Japan, in general, it starts from the third week of July  (21th in 2015) until the end of August. My wife was born and...

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Jul 03, 2015

the 'Radio Mania 2015' will appear on July 28

An annual book form titled 'Radio Mania's 2015 edition will be launched on July 28 by Sansai-books, ltd. I've the great pleasure to contribute to no less than 15 pages for this edition. I've just finished writing and emendation. I’ve...

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Jun 26, 2015

FM band on April, 2015 (In Canada)

Chrissy's family spent two days in Niagara Falls, where late winter icebergs were still to be seen. It was fascinating for them to walk across the bridge from US to Canada and back, and to view the amazing waterfalls from...

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Jun 25, 2015

FM band on April ,2015 (In NY, US)

One of my English friends, Chrissy, in Manchester UK, who is a regular column contributor to 'Radio User'. She'd a family holiday in the US for two weeks over the Easter holidays. They started with five days in NY,...

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Jun 21, 2015

How Radio Japan changed your life?

【quoted from NHK World’s site】 Japan's international broadcast will mark its 80th milestone this year. It started as a short wave broadcast in Japanese and English on June 1935. It has continued until today with the exception of a six-year-period...

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Jun 20, 2015

ER-C57WR vs PL-505 (2)

Be labeled ‘PLL DSP MULTI BAND RADIO’. It looks like to use DSP (digital signal processing) technology as many latest models sourced from TECSUN, also under various brands. I think such kind of radios achieve pretty exceptional performance using a...

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Jun 19, 2015

ER-C57WR vs PL-505

I think, my PL-505's sensitivity and selectivity are better than those of my ER-C57WR's. It seems that PL-505's rod antenna is intentionally kept short (see the photo as below) but there is an outboard extension that bolts onto the end...

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Jun 15, 2015

FM logging on a top of Jukkoku Pass

Here is the logging on a top of Jukkoku Pass, only for low power new style community FM stations. MHz / station / transmitting site /signal strength 76.3 FM Nagisa Station, Ito-city Shizuoka-pref, very strong. 76.7 COAST-FM, Numazu-city, Shizuoka-pref, strong. 77.7 Voice Cue,...

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Jun 14, 2015

FM listening on the top of Jukkoku Pass

I went to 'Jukkoku Touge' today, with my wife and son. 'Touge' means 'pass' or 'ridge' in Japanese. This pass locates near Hakone Town, where has posted a new eruption alert level map on its website, that emphasizes that the...

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Jun 08, 2015

Caution of translation

Hi visitors! Despite of technology evolution, especially in IT, the translation of language isn't always properly even now. Please do not trust the translated contents, it is so awful and sometimes it shows totally opposit meanings. I'm afraid that I've...

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«The ER-C57WR joins!

DX International

  • Chrissy Brand
    From Machester, UK. Contains a selection of Chrissy's articles mostly published in Radio User (UK based monthly magazine)

British DX Club

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    Since 1974 (as the Twickenham DX Club) The more appropriate current title was adopted in 1979. We now a large UK-based membership as well as a substantial number of overseas members.

Australian Radio DX Club

RSGB IOTA program

  • RSGB IOTA homepage
    I've been the only authorized Japanese country assistant of RSGB IOTA committee since 1998. RSGB is the abbreviation of Radio Society Great Britain. The only amateur radio organization in UK and one of major org like ARRL(USA), DARC(Germany), WIA(Australia) , REF(France) JARL(Japan) …
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