July 24, 2016

Replacing my ATS-909X's parts - 2

It seems my ATS-909X is distressed long work. I'd like to maintain it normal in appreciation of it's high performance.confident    The volume knob has already been grimy.   Missed the right side of rubber base buffer.    The scratching...

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July 23, 2016

The recent posts of 'travel_and_listening' category as of 23th July 2016

The recent (last two months) posts of 'travel_and_listening' category are as follows;   Posted yyyy/mm, location, (contributor)   2016/07 Gotemba, Shizuoka, Japan (Koji) 2016/07 Auckland, New Zealand (Rob Shepherd) 2016/07 Wellington, New Zealand (Rob) 2016/07 Tahiti, French Polynesia (Rob) 2016/07...

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July 22, 2016

Replacing my ATS-909X's parts

My ATS-909X joined 'my radio team' in June 2012.   http://listening-overseas.air-nifty.com/radio/2012/06/ordered-ats-909.html   Four years? Seems like just one year. Time really flies. It plays a ‘leading part’ and has played an important role in my listening activities.   In fact,...

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July 16, 2016

MW in July 16, 2016 (in Japan)

Today, my wife and I went to the Gotemba Premium Outlets in Gotemba city, Shizuoka pref. It's an outlet mall located near Mt. Fuji ,was opened in 2000, contains over 200 stores, right now. It's one of her favorite places...

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July 07, 2016

My contributions to BDXC's monthly magazine in last one year

I'm the only Japanese BDXC member, who contribute to monthly club's magazine 'Communication' many times. I've never heard any Japanese radio lover, who contributes to foreign magazines or bulletins with regularity.   My achievements in last one year are as...

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July 06, 2016

Appears on a BDXC's 'Communication' July 2016 issue

I'm the only Japanese BDXC member, who contribute to monthly club's magazine 'Communication' a lot of times.   On the Juy 2016 issue (memorable 500th edition) ,page #23, titled 'Japan's domestic radio broadcasts in English’ appears.   the main part...

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July 05, 2016

MW in March 2016 (in New Zealand)

Rob also visited NZ, (Auckland and Wellington) on a cruise of March 2016 and has provided the following list, the MW stations heard. (extracted from Australian DX News, July 2016 edition)   <In Auckland> 531kHz. Part of the National Pacific...

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July 04, 2016

FM in Feb. 2016 (in Tahiti, French Polynesia)

The following FM stations list is from Rob, extracted from a NZ-DX times on May 2016 edition. He also visited Tahiti, (French Polynesia) on a cruise at the end of February 2016 and has provided this update on FM stations....

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July 03, 2016

Sporadic E Openings on July 2, 2016 (in Japan)

Yesterday, around before noon, I came across some Russian FM stations on lower FM band. I was so excited, by reason of the very first Sporadic E moment in this year. A few stations’ identification announcements, ‘Radio Rossi’ were recognized,...

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July 02, 2016

MW in Jan. or Feb. 2016 (in Chile) - 2

In January or February 2016. The reception location was mostly in Valparaiso - Chile and the receiver was his DE1121. kHz / time(UTC) / country / station and comments   530 0200 CHL (Chile) Valparaiso location? Station – nothing listed...

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July 01, 2016

MW in Jan. or Feb. 2016 (in Chile)

A member of ARDXC, Rob Shepherd, who is based in Toowoomba QLD Australia, had been aboard the Queen Mary 2 cruise in SE Pacific with his wife Kathy in the beginning of 2016. The city Toowoomba is approx. 130 kilometers...

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June 25, 2016

My current receivers (June 25, 2016)

My radio storage 1     Sangean : ATS-405 Degen    : DE1103-DSP Eton      : Sattelit (Grundig edition) ELPA     : ER-C57WR Tescun   : PL-380 Sony      : ICF-SW7600GR   My radio storage 2     Tescun :  PL-310ET,...

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June 24, 2016

The recent posts of 'travel_and_listening' category as of 24th June 2016

The recent (a half year) posts of 'travel_and_listening' category are as follows;   Posted yyyy/mm, location, (contributor)   2016/06 Corfu, Greece (Keith C Howells) 2016/05 Omaezaki, Shizuoka, Japan (Koji) 2016/05 Takaoka-city, Toyama, near Kanazawa (Koji) 2016/04 Tsushima, Kyushu, Japan (Koji)...

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June 23, 2016

FM and MW in May 2016 (in Corfu, Greece) (2)

WRT MW from Nissaki, N-E Corfu 11 May – 18 May, daylight hours.   Daytime reception on MW appeared to be concentrated mainly on 1008kHz which was carrying mostly the 'Proto Programma' or First Program from public broadcaster ERT with...

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June 22, 2016

FM and MW in May 2016 (in Corfu, Greece)

A member of BDXC, Keith C Howells, based in Wales, had stayed in 'Corfu', Greece in last month. I'd like to introduce his reception records of MW and FM.   Corfu is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. It...

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«FM in May 2016 (In Omaezaki, Shizuoka, Japan)

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