December 08, 2018

The past posts of 'travel_and_listening' category (except Japan) as of Dec 8

Why don't we savor 'simple listening' on the sidelines of travel?   The following list is all past posts of 'travel_and_listening' category, only local radios – no long distance MW nor SW services (In my opinion, they're too obsolete) ,...

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December 01, 2018

FM in Nov 2018 (in Singapore)

Last week, I`d stayed in Singapore on business. The last visit was in August 2013!  wow… time really flies. I brought my HDR-14, a portable radio capable of digital HD Radio with MW and FM reception. No digital radio service...

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November 03, 2018

WRTH 2019 edition

According to the latest edition of BDXC `Communication`, WRTH 2019 edition will be available by the end of next month. It's one of essential matters for listening local stations during my travels worldwide, accordingly the part titled 'National Radio' makes...

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November 02, 2018

World Radio Map dot com

My reception locations are worldwide, so need to keep up with latest information of respective local radio services, accordingly have been a member of BDXC and ARDXC.   In many cases, maps and atlases are key tools to facilitate intellectual...

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October 07, 2018

The P.S.A. by InterFM897

The InterFM897 (89.7MHz in Tokyo) is one of my favorite stations.   (The official web site – about InterFM in English) (InterFM897 – JODW-FM on Wiki in English)   My favorite program is the `Barakan Beat` by Peter...

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October 06, 2018

The OUJ ceased terrestrial FM and TV services

The Open University of Japan (`Hoso Daigaku` in Japanese) is a distance learning university which has students all over Japan since 1985.   (OUJ official web site in English) (OUJ on Wiki in English)   All programs are...

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October 05, 2018

Radio Nikkei already reduced SW frequencies

Radio Nikkei is the only SW commercial broadcaster based in Japan.   (Radio Nikkei on Wiki in English)   They already ceased their 31m-band frequencies (9595kHz and 9760kHz) this month. They said that this is for `stability and effectiveness`...

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September 23, 2018

The booth of NHK World was available.

NHK is Japan's sole public broadcasting organization, financed by receiving fees. Its international service delivers to the world the latest information about Japan and Asia through television, radio, and internet.   (NHK World official web site in English)  ...

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September 22, 2018

Looked around the tourism EXPO in Tokyo through a curious eye

The tourism EXPO Japan 2018 is now held (on September 22th and 23th) at `Tokyo Big Sight` (Tokyo international exhibition center).   (Tourism Expo Japan) (Tokyo Big Sight)   I went to this event with my son...

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September 02, 2018

A trip to Hakodate, Hokkaido

Hakodate is Hokkaido's third largest city, (The capital is Sapporo) located at the island's southern tip, as best known for the spectacular views to be enjoyed from Mount Hakodate and its delicious, fresh seafood. As one of the first Japanese...

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«A workshop on DAB+ digital broadcasting 【Viva Digital Radio!】


DX International

  • DX International
    By Chrissy Brand, based in the UK. Contains a selection of Chrissy's articles mostly published in Radio User (the UK based monthly magazine)

British DX Club

  • BDXC official web site
    Since 1974 (as the Twickenham DX Club) The more appropriate current title was adopted in 1979. We now a large UK-based membership as well as a substantial number of overseas members.

World Radio Map

Seoul Radio Listening Guide

  • The Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide
    This is a three-hour documentary broadcast narrated by Chris Kadlec (based in MI, the US) that looks at the AM band as heard in Seoul, Korea after dark.