The past posts of 'travel_and_listening' category (except Japan) as of Oct 7

Why don't we savor 'simple listening' on the sidelines of travel?

The following list is all past posts of 'travel_and_listening' category, only local radios – no long distance MW nor SW services (In my opinion, they're too obsolete) , except heard in Japan, amounts to no less than 27 countries/regions and six continents.


Posted yyyy/mm, location, (the cooperator)



France, Greece, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain and the UK


2011/09 Paris, France (Koji Hoshi)

2016/06 Corfu, Greece (Keith C Howells)

2015/11 Vilnius, Lithuania (Stephen Howie)

2015/09 Sankt-peterburg, Russia (Chrissy Brand)

2016/12 Bratislava, Slovakia (Chrissy)

2017/01 Canary islands, Spain (John Hoad)

2016/09 Majorca islands, Spain (Keith)

2015/10 Cornwall, the UK (Simon Hockenhull)



Morocco and on the sea near South Africa


2011/11 Rabat, Morocco (Koji)

2014/02 on the sea near South Africa (Rob Shepherd)




China (PRC), Hong Kong, India, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Taiwan


2012/08 Beijing, China (Koji)

2016/01 Hong Kong (China) (Koji)

2011/08 Mumbai, India (Koji)

2016/01 Macau (China) (Koji)

2017/06 Malaysia (Paul Ormandy)

2013/08 Singapore (Koji)

2017/01 Busan, South Korea (Koji)

2017/02 The special report ‘Seoul AM listening guide’ (Chris Kadlec)

2015/09 Seoul, South Korea (Koji)

2017/04 Colombo, Sri Lanka (Axel Roese)

2015/01 Taipei, Taiwan (Koji)


North America

Canada and the US


2017/07 AB and BC, Canada (Chrissy)

2017/09 Denver, CO the US (Koji)

2015/08 Hamilton, ON Canada (Chrissy)

2015/08 New York, NY the US (Chrissy)

2015/08 Cedar city, UT the US (Chrissy)


Central and South America

Chile and Dominican Republic


2016/07 Valparaiso, Chile (Rob)

2015/11 Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic (Stephen)



Australia, French Polynesia(Tahiti), New Zealand, Northern Mariana islands(Guam) and Timor-Leste (East Timor)


2015/11 Sydney, NSW, Australia (Richard Jary)  - Sporadic E openings

2013/03 Perth, WA, Australia (Koji)


2016/07 Tahiti, French Polynesia (Rob)

2016/07 Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand (Rob)

2017/04 Wellington, NZ (Adam Claydon)

2014/08 Guam, Northern Mariana islands (Koji)

2017/07 Timor-Leste / East Timor (David Foster)


Thank you very much for all cooperators!


Chrissy Brand (East Sussex, the UK),

Adam Claydon (Palmerston North, New Zealand)

Axel Roese (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany),

Chris Kadlec (MI, the US),

David Foster (VIC, Australia),

John Hoad (Kent, the UK),

Keith C Howells (Wales, the UK),

Paul Ormandy (Oamaru, New Zealand)

Richard Jary (NSW, Australia),

Rob Shepherd (QLD, Australia),

Simon Hockenhull (South West England, the UK),

Stephen Howie (London, the UK).


December 03, 2017

Over 50 million DAB receivers, now sold Worldwide! 【Viva digital radio】

As you may know, Norway is now the first country in the world to initiate the digital switchover from FM radio broadcasting to DAB+. National FM networks will be phased out gradually throughout 2017, region by region, starting with Nordland...

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December 02, 2017

Denmark would be the next to begin FM shutdown 【Viva Digital Radio!】

Viva digital Radios! It seems that a really excited event will be occurd in Denmark, next to Norway. It looks plausible that the next country to shut down its FM transmitters will be Denmark.   The Danish government previously agreed...

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November 14, 2017

Brilliant! World Radio Map dot com

Our reception locations are worldwide. Why don't we savor 'simple listening' on the sidelines of travel?   In my opinion, in many cases, maps and atlases are key tools to facilitate intellectual curiosity. The 'World Radio' is a website...

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November 13, 2017

MW in June 2017, (in Malaysia) -2

Paul’s comments of the reception locations across his travel.   Singapore: Radio listening was impossible due to noise-levels in the hotel, think every room had a plasma TV!   WRT in Singapore, Koji tried to chase MW in a park...

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November 12, 2017

MW in June 2017 (in Malaysia)

Why don't we savor 'simple listening' on the sidelines of travel? Paul Ormandy, based in Oamaru – New Zealand, had stayed in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei in last June. He kindly allowed me to introduce his MW reception result in...

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«‘Across the pond’ -2


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Seoul Radio Listening Guide

  • The Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide
    This is a three-hour documentary broadcast narrated by Chris Kadlec (based in MI, the US) that looks at the AM band as heard in Seoul, Korea after dark.