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Feb 24, 2013

Today's daytime loggings (Feb 24, in Japan)

Today's daytime loggings by ATS-909X or PL-505 and AN-LP1

JST is UTC+0900

11895  Tatarstan Wave - Russia, 0410UTC, Russian,

          opening announcement, SINPO-25322

15100  Voice of Korea - DPRK, 0348UTC, Mandarin,

          DPRK style music program, SINPO-55444

15180  Voice of Korea – DPRK, 0347UTC, Spanish,

          DPRK style music program, SINPO-55544

15285  Radio Pilipinas Overseas – Philippines, 0327UTC,

          English, music program and closing announcement, SINPO-45444

          //17700, 17820

15390 CNR13 presumed -China, 0343UTC, Uighur, SINPO-35332

15530 Radio Liberty presumed , 0341UTC, Tajik, SINPO-45433

17650 T8WH-World Harvest Radio-Palau , 0333UTC, English,
sermon, SINPO-55444

17700 Radio Pilipinas Overseas – Philippines, 0329UTC,SINPO-35433,
         //15285  17820

17750 Radio Australia - Australia, 0332UTC, English, a commentary
          of current events, SINPO-25432, //21725

17820 Radio Pilipinas Overseas – Philippines, 0328UTC,SINPO-25432,
         //15285, 17700

21725 Radio Australia - Australia, 0339UTC, English, SINPO-45433,

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