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March 07, 2015

the ICZ-R250TV joins!

Finally, the ICZ-R250TV joins 'my team'.

comparing the previous model my ICZ-R51(front) with the ICZ-R250TV(back)


comparing the ICF-M780N with the ICZ-R250TV


unique dual antenna (for Fm and one-seg)


the display part of ICZ-R51(front) and ICZ-R250TV (back)



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Received my Sony ICZ-R250TV late June 2016.
Radio listening, recorder playback and manual recordings have been accomplished.
I can live with the 9Khz (instead of USA 10Khz) AM radio tuning step.
I think I have figured out how to program an unattended recording, without interpreting the Japanese manual.
But, I'm stuck with presets of Japanese domestic broadcasters for the radio frequencies I may select.
I'd like to select radio frequencies of my own preference for recorded programs.
Has anyone any guidance/help ?

Tnx for ur visit.

R u from MN, the US?
Why did u choose an ICZ-R250TV?
It's a pure domestic (Japanese) model, hard to make full use of it outside Japan, I guess, eh?

I just bought this radio, and it wasn't difficult for me to figure out (I bought a japanese IC recorder from Book-Off once). It does have the full FM band (76-108) so it can be used outside of Japan. I don't listen to AM, so the 9khz tuning step wasn't a big deal to me. I'm VERY impressed with the sound from the speakers. When I have more time with it I'll give it a better review, but so far I think it's a nice unit.

Hi Jackie,
Tks for ur comment.
I'm afraid that it's a model for Japanese market only.
However I hope you make best use of it!

I'm well aware that it is made for the Japanese Market, it's too nice to be made in the States, haha. I spent a good amount of time with it, and I have to say that I'm surprised by how quickly I have been able to get used to its functions.

I was able to set presets for my local stations (both manually and automatically), I set up a timer recording so it could record while I was asleep, I selected the recording mode, I was able to delete files from the unit without having to connect it to a computer, and I also changed the settings so that I could have the radio record directly to my SD card.

Clear Audio+ definitely improves the sound, but to be honest, the sound from these speakers is so incredibly full I don't turn it on often. 1Seg is something I've always wanted to check out, and yes, I do plan on visiting Japan (or Brazil or Argentina - they have 1seg too!).

I feel that I made a good choice because this radio has some incredibly useful features (most of which are sadly lacking in US radios), and using my other IC recorder as a reference, I was able to understand its features very quickly. My favorite feature is that it can still work without the four AA batteries because of its built-in lithium ion battery - great for emergencies! This is easily the best radio I've ever owned.

The only thing missing is a remote, haha!

Hi Jackie,
Sounds like great!
Surprisingly, I saw an ICZ-R250TV on Amazon US,
I can't imagine why. It's a pure Japanized model!
Anyway, if you will have any further questions, please feel free to post comment.

Hi ! Do you have english instructions for this Sony radio ? Thank you !

Unfortunately not.
I think any manual written in foreign languages is unavailable.

It's not just this model that has appeared on Amazon US recently, but also tbe previous models - the ICZ-R50 and ICZ- R51. I'm not sure why they would appear there because unlike the full 76-108mhz FM band on the R250TV, those models only have the old Japanese FM band (76-90 mhz), which makes those radios virtually useless for Americans.

Interestingly, some people have suggested that now that Analog TV in the US is over, the frequencies once used by TV could be used to expand the FM band (possibly starting the US FM band at 76 mhz, just like in Japan).

The prices for the radios on Amazon US are extremely high so I don't see much demand for them - fortunately I got this radio somewhere else for much cheaper.

To answer Gerard's question, the instructions that come with this radio are entirely in Japanese only.

Hi Jackie,
Oh, really?
I could locate the page titled ‘Sony seg Radio Recorder ICZR250TVC’,priced 272.96 USD, on Amazon dot com.
It seems that more expensive than its average price in Japan.
Of course, influenced by a weaker JPY!

Yes. I could find an ICZ-R51 (an earlier model of ICZ-R250TV), too.

We've had a new FM style called ‘Wide FM’ since 2014.
The coverage of it is from 90MHz to 95MHz. (Our conventional FM band's is from 76MHz to 90MHz)
It's one of the reasons why an ICZ-R250TV came out, I guess.

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