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June 25, 2016

My current receivers (June 25, 2016)

My radio storage 1

Sangean : ATS-405
Degen    : DE1103-DSP
Eton      : Sattelit (Grundig edition)
ELPA     : ER-C57WR
Tescun   : PL-380
Sony      : ICF-SW7600GR
My radio storage 2
Tescun :  PL-310ET, PL-680, PL-880
Degen  :   DE1128
Sangean : ATS-909X
Sony     :  ICF-EX5mk2
relinquished a PL-660 by Tecsun, a WFR-28C by Sangean, a DE1103-old by Degen, an ER-C56F by ELPA

June 24, 2016

The recent posts of 'travel_and_listening' category as of 24th June 2016

The recent (a half year) posts of 'travel_and_listening' category are as follows;


Posted yyyy/mm, location, (contributor)


2016/06 Corfu, Greece (Keith C Howells)

2016/05 Omaezaki, Shizuoka, Japan (Koji)

2016/05 Takaoka-city, Toyama, near Kanazawa (Koji)

2016/04 Tsushima, Kyushu, Japan (Koji)

2016/04 Fukuoka, Japan (Koji)

2016/02 Kagoshima, Japan (Take Sekiguchi)

2016/01 Tsim Sa Tsui, Hong Kong (Koji)

I completely forget to post the report of MW and FM reception in Tsushima island in April.

I’ll go live on this blog in the near future. 


the following list is in the last half of 2015;

2015/11 Sydney, NSW, Australia (Richard Jary) 

2015/11 Vilnius, Lithuania (Stephen Howie) 

2015/10 Cornwall, the UK (Simon Hockenhull)

2015/10 Puerto Plata, the Dominican republic (Stephen)

2015/09 Sankt-peterburg, Russia (Chrissy Brand)

2015/09 Seoul, Republic of Korea (Koji)

2015/08 N.Y., the U.S. (Chrissy)

2015/08 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (Chrissy)

2015/08 Cedar city, Utah, the U.S. (Chrissy)


I should say 'Many thanks!' to all contributors.


Unfortunately, no Short Wave reception is included above.

Because SW broadcastings are clearly on the decline and useless in contemporary world, especially in advanced countries.

I don't have any SDRs nor communication receivers, also heavy external antennas.

The locaton of Tsushima island (from Wikipedia)



June 23, 2016

FM and MW in May 2016 (in Corfu, Greece) (2)

WRT MW from Nissaki, N-E Corfu 11 May – 18 May, daylight hours.


Daytime reception on MW appeared to be concentrated mainly on 1008kHz which was carrying mostly the 'Proto Programma' or First Program from public broadcaster ERT with 17 local Corfu material at other times in parallel with FM 99.3 MHz.

Very weak but discernible was ERT Rhodes on 1260kHz.

Other than that the band was dead during daylight hours.

There were only two MW stations audible in daylight hours: 1008 kHz ERT Proto Programma, QTH Corfu was very strong; and 1260 kHz, Poss ERT Rhodes, very weak.


As for FM, the band was full from 87.6 right up towards 108MHz with a variety of local programming especially traditional Greek music.

Only four stations evaded him ID wise unfortunately, but other than that the list is more or less complete.

Of course, with Albania just a few miles away from this part of the island, a few stations could be heard on FM.

Strangely he didn't seem to pick up Radio Tirana though.


-Middle East and African MW stations

kHz / UTC / Station details / Condition(SIO)

531 2049 Jil FM, Algeria OM w/ talk in AA 333

621 1940 ERTU, Batra, Egypt, Voice of Arabs, Arabic chanting 333

711 2023 ENRT, Sebaa Aiyoun, Morocco, Talk in AA w/ mx 232

774 2031 ERTU, Egypt, Middle East prog. mx 222

783 1806 ERTU, Cairo, Middle East Prog in AA. mx // 774kHz 121

819 1952 ERTU, Batra, Egypt, General Prog in AA OM talk 333

864 1956 ERTU, Egypt, Koran programme Arabic chanting 444

936 2046 SBC Saudi Arabia, Quran Prog Arabic chanting 212

1053 1921 Voice of the Homeland. Tripoli. Libya, Arabic mx. 545

1071 2059 ERTU, Cairo, Mx & nx prog in AA 222

1161 2105 ERTU, Egypt. Reg prog Tanta mx & AA talk 222

1233 2111 RMC / Doualiya Cyprus, talk in AA 212

1521 2205 SBC Riyadh, YL and OM with talk 454

1566 2211 Poss IRIB Iran Bandar Abbas, Arabic mx 322


-European MW stations

540 1804 Kossuth Radio. Budapest. OM w/talk 222

558 0000 Radio România Actualitati. ID, nx prog 343

576 2006 Vidin, Bulgaria. Traditional mx OM 333

630 2012 Radio Timisoara, Romania. OM w/ball game commty 232

729 2026 ERT Proto Programma. Athens w/talk & mx 233

756 1945 Radio România Programme 1, mx and talk 343

855 2033 Radio România Actualitati, ID, mx and talk 232

909 2040 Radio România multilingual service w/trad mx 222

1008 1854 ERT app new freq. QTH Corfu? Proto Programma Talk w/OM/YL. 555

1053 1930 Radio România Iasi Prog. 2 Mx and talk 222

1062 1922 RAI Radio Uno. Talk w/OM & YL 333

1152 2102 Radio România, nx prog in Romanian 323

1179 1934 Radio România Acualitati Prog 1 w/ OM 323

1260 1809 ERT Rhodes, pres,Greek mx 343

1287 2117 Unknown QTH but poss Greece w/trad Greek mx 323

1296 2121 Poss RTS Radio Beograd 1. Mx 323

1314 2123 Radio România, Romanian folk mx w/OM 322

1332 2126 Radio România 1. 50 kW, Nx prog w/YL 333

1395 2132 TWR Albania relay in Czech. OM w/talk 232

1404 1755 ERT Proto Programma Komotini, Ball game in Greek 232

1413 1930 Vesti FM Grigoripol. Moldova. YL with nx in RR 222

1431 2136 UNID Arabic lang channel 322

1458 2152 Radio România, Nx & politics prog in Romanian 434

1467 2156 UNID, OM in unknown lang poss TWR Roumoules. France 222

1512 2203 ERT Chania Crete, Mx prog w/YL 222

1566 2229 Pres local ERT station? Greek mx. Not listed 222

1593 2232 Radio România, OM/YL in drama 222

1602 2236 Unable to ID, OM/YL vocal Greek mx 222


-FM stations

MHz / station etc.

87.6 Studio Ena

88.4 Radio Liskada

88.8 Star FM

89.3 Eagle Radio

89.8 ERT Trito Programma

90.3 Kima FM

90.8 Galaxy

91.1 Agios Spyridon

91.8 ERT Proto Programma

92.6 Antena Corfu

92.1 Sounded like 'Radio Hintera', Albanian

93.1 Music Vibes Dee Jay

93.5 Unid Greek

93.8 ERT 2 Deftero Programma

94.2 Radio Igoumenitsa

94.5 UNID, Very weak and poor signal

95.8 KISS Extra

96.5 Diktyo FM

96.7 Radiofonikos Stathmos Karias

97.3 ERT Sport // 101.1

97.5 Radio Deejay

97.9 Neo

98.4 GAGA Radio

98.8 Radio Eptanisa

99.3 ERT Reg Kerkyra local px & rel. Proto Programma

99.7 Rythmos 997

100.1 Radio Kerkyra

100.6 Club FM, Albanian

101.1 ERT Sport

102.1 Pop FM

102.9 Life Radio

104.7 Aktina

105.1 Orthodoxos

105.5 Radio Lefkimi

105.7 Deti, quite scratchy reception

106.0 UNID, quite poor signal

106.3 Ellada

106.8 Radio Norba


A panoramic view of Corfu (city) from the New Fortress (from Wikipedia)


June 22, 2016

FM and MW in May 2016 (in Corfu, Greece)

A member of BDXC, Keith C Howells, based in Wales, had stayed in 'Corfu', Greece in last month.

I'd like to introduce his reception records of MW and FM.


Corfu is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea.

It is the second largest of the Ionian Islands, and including its small satellite islands, forms the north westernmost part of Greece.

This island locates close to the border between Albania and Greece, also near south part of Italy (Puglia).


Keith and his wife had stayed there for one week in the north-east corner of the island in a sleepy little village called Nissaki.

No more than just under half an hour away from Corfu Town or City as some call it.

From a long-distance-receiving point of view, this location was very interesting and forthcoming as regards catches on MW.

He was amazed because could hear Saudi Arabia and a few Egyptian stations flooding in loud and clear!

Egypt came in almost like a local each night, particularly the stations on 621kHz, 819kHz and 774kHz.

Quite a contrast to back home in northern Europe where things are infinitely quieter at the present time.

Looking to Europe itself, there was quite a presence from some other south eastern European countries like Romania and Bulgaria.

Kossuth Radio in Hungary on 540kHz put in an appearance most nights down in this part of Greece.

As for Greece, a few stations were audible from other parts of the country and not drowned out by any stronger signals either which was good.

North Africa put in a good appearance on long wave with some of the powerhouses from Morocco and Algeria.

The receiver was a Tescun PL-380 with internal antenna for MW, telescopic for FM.

Corfu in Greece (from Wikipedia)


June 13, 2016

FM in May 2016 (In Omaezaki, Shizuoka, Japan)

In last month, I went to 'Omaezaki' for chasing long distance FM broadcasts with my PL-880.

This is a city located in Shizuoka Prefecture, central part of Japan and is located at the tip of Omaezaki Peninsula on Japan's Pacific coast.




I wanted to chase new style commercial FM stations in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka area.

This place locates nearly the halfway between Tokyo and Osaka, also close to Nagya, so has the possibility to catch major part of supplementary FM (Wide FM) stations in Japan.

Actually could confirm almost all FM broadcasts.


The results are as follows;

TBS radio (JOKR) Tokyo, 90.5MHz, the SIO was 353.

Bukna hoso (JOQR) Tokyo, 91.6MHz, 454

Nippon hoso (JOLF) Tokyo, 93.0MHz, 454

CBC radio (JOAR) Nagoya, 93.7MHz, 151

Tokai radio (JOSF) Nagoya, 92.9MHz, couldn't be confirmed

MBS radio (JOOR) Osaka, 90.6MHz, 121

ABC radio (JONR) Osaka, 93.3MHz, 252

Radio Osaka (JOUF) Osaka, 91.9MHz, 151



my PL-880 in Omaezaki



the location of Omaezaki (from Wikipedia)



Shizuoka-pref is famous for tea (from Wikipedia)



June 10, 2016

chased Korean FM stations from Kyushu by my ATS-909X

In last April, I traveled Fukuoka and Nagasaki in Kyushu island.

During the stay, mainly used my ATS-909X, because I tried to chase long distance Korean FM stations.


I prefer the FM on the ATS-909X over the Tecsun sets.

The RDS works flawlessly and the sound is to write home about.

I think you can also set the radio to automatically set the clock from the RDS data.

I do not listen much on LW or SW so I can't comment much on that except to say the SW sounds excellent on the speaker.


My main complaint with the 909X is that it was definitely less sensitive on the whip antenna than either the PL-680 and the PL-880.

This was discussed in the ‘ATS-909X Yahoo Group’, and one of the members came up with a 4:1 BALUN mod for the whip antenna which has resolved the problem.

If you have one of these radios, I highly recommend the module.

The instructions can be found in the files section of the Yahoo Group.


As far as the tuning knob, I have gotten used to it now, and I do not mind the detent at all.

In fact, it is quite useful in staying on frequency if you are moving the radio around.

The other things I like about the ATS-909X are the large display and classy looks.

It also has enough space on the inside to easily mod it.

I also feel the operation is more intuitive than the Tecsun's, and you don't have to remember the ‘hidden functions’ and deal with the soft mute issues.


The backlight on the display has a separate button to turn it on and off, and it is bright and makes the display easy to read from any angle. 

I personally believe this is the best radio in its price class, and highly recommend it.


The RDS shows a KBS FM station on 103.7MHz at a park in Tsushima island, Kyushu Japan. 



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