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July 24, 2016

Replacing my ATS-909X's parts - 2

It seems my ATS-909X is distressed long work.

I'd like to maintain it normal in appreciation of it's high performance.confident


The volume knob has already been grimy.



Missed the right side of rubber base buffer.



 The scratching can be seen on the left side of corner.




It's firmware is too old, as of '1.23' (the ongoing is 1.29)



I've already asked the Sangean's customer service to provide new parts.

Also how to upgrade it's firmware.

July 23, 2016

The recent posts of 'travel_and_listening' category as of 23th July 2016

The recent (last two months) posts of 'travel_and_listening' category are as follows;


Posted yyyy/mm, location, (cooperator's name)


2016/07 Gotemba, Shizuoka, Japan (Koji)

2016/07 Auckland, New Zealand (Rob Shepherd)

2016/07 Wellington, New Zealand (Rob)

2016/07 Tahiti, French Polynesia (Rob)

2016/07 Valparaiso, Chile (Rob)

2016/06 Corfu, Greece (Keith C Howells)

2016/06 Omaezaki, Shizuoka, Japan (Koji)


I should say 'Thanks a lot!' to all cooperators.


Unfortunately, no Short Wave reception is included above.

I'm a casual radio listener, not a DX-er.

SW broadcastings are clearly on the decline and useless in contemporary world, especially in advanced countries.

I don't have any SDR, communication receiver nor heavy external antenna.


Rob and his receiver and WRTH


July 22, 2016

Replacing my ATS-909X's parts

My ATS-909X joined 'my radio team' in June 2012.




Four years?

Seems like just one year.

Time really flies.

It plays a ‘leading part’ and has played an important role in my listening activities.


In fact, it is quite useful in staying on frequency if you are moving the radio around.

Actually I used it in some foreign countries like Mainland China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia.

I like about it are the large display, classy looks and easy to control.

The backlight on the display has a separate button to turn it on and off, and it is bright and makes the display easy to read from any angle.


However, my main complaint with it is that it was definitely less sensitive on the whip antenna than either my PL-680 and my PL-880.



in Beijing, Mainland China (Beijing 90.0)



in Taiwan (Asia FM 92.7)



in Singapore (Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park)



in near Korea (KBS Busan)



in Perth, WA Australia (hits92.9 - 6PPM)





July 16, 2016

MW in July 16, 2016 (in Japan)

Today, my wife and I went to the Gotemba Premium Outlets in Gotemba city, Shizuoka pref.

It's an outlet mall located near Mt. Fuji ,was opened in 2000, contains over 200 stores, right now.

It's one of her favorite places and go on a regular basis (a few times in a year), because not so far from home. (approx. one and a half hours by car)


From next week, she and our son will stay at her home in Malaysia, and meet relatives in Singapore, for totally nearly one month.

She'd like to buy and bring home-coming gifts to her extended family members and friends.

I brought my ER-C57WR by ELPA and tried to listen local MW stations.

The loggings which dated on July 16, 2016, the time duration was 1530-1600 JST (UTC+0900), by internal antenna.


kHz / station / call-sign / SIO

594 NHK-Radio-1_Tokyo, JOAK, 555

639 NHK-Radio-2_Shizuoka, JOPB, 555

693 NHK-Radio-2_Tokyo, JOAB, 454

765 Yamanashi-hoso_Kofu, JOJF, 555

810 AFN_Tokyo, 454

882 NHK-Radio-1_Shizuoka, JOPK, 454

927 NHK-Radio-1_Kofu, JOKG, 353

954 TBS Radio_Tokyo, JOKR, 454

1026 NHK-Radio-1_Gotemba relay station, no call-sign, 555

1134 Bunka-hoso_Tokyo, JOQR, 454

1242 Nippon-hoso_Tokyo, JOLF, 454

1404 SBS-Radio_Shizuoka, JOVR, 555

The synchronized relay station (as the same frequency) is active in Gotemba.

1422 RF-radio-nippon_Kawasaki, JORF, 353

1485 RF-radio-nippon_Odawara reay station, JORL, 252





Unfortunately, couldn't see Mt. Fuji



my ER-C57WR


July 06, 2016

Appears on a BDXC's 'Communication' July 2016 issue

I'm the only Japanese BDXC member, who contribute to monthly club's magazine 'Communication' a lot of times.


On the Juy 2016 issue (memorable 500th edition) ,page #23, titled 'Japan's domestic radio broadcasts in English’ appears.


the main part of the article



July 05, 2016

MW in March 2016 (in New Zealand)

Rob also visited NZ, (Auckland and Wellington) on a cruise of March 2016 and has provided the following list, the MW stations heard.

(extracted from Australian DX News, July 2016 edition)


<In Auckland>

531kHz. Part of the National Pacific Radio Trust (Pacific Media Network) commercial, Auckland

567kHz Radio New Zealand, Auckland, 50 kW. Main network station

603kHz Radio Waatea. Maori IWI Radio (commercial), Auckland

702kHz Magic Radio, Auckland

756kHz Radio New Zealand, Auckland

810kHz BBC World Service NZ, Auckland

882kHz Radio New Zealand, Star Network, Auckland

936kHz New Zealand Supremo Auckland, Chinese and Cantonese. Independent station

990kHz Apna 990 Auckland, programs in Hindi. Independent station.

1080kHz Newstalk ZB RNZ Auckland

1179kHz Eke (Ethnic Maori). Maori reggae favorites soul and R & B music. Auckland. Independent station

1251kHz Radio Rhema, Auckland

1332kHz Radio Sport, Auckland

1386kHz Radio Tarana, programs in Hindi, Auckland. Independent station.

1593kHz Radio Samoa (relay from the Island), Auckland. Independent station.


<In Wellington>

567kHz Radio New Zealand, Wellington, 50 kW. Main network station

657kHz STAR Radio, a Christian station

675kHz Radio New Zealand, Christchurch

711kHz TAB Trackside Radio

783kHz Access Radio (Samoan Community Radio)

891kHz MAGIC Radio, playing pops and oldies, also on FM

972kHz Radio Rheema

1035kHz NewsTalk ZB

1161kHz Te Upoko o te Ika, (Samoan station)

1233kHz Radio LIVE

1503kHz Radio Sport


I've been to NZ once, Auckland and Christchurch, on private in 1998.

I really have happy memories of visiting NZ.

One of my wife's friends' family have a plan to immigrate from Philippines to NZ by the end of this year. I look forward to meeting them in there.

In Auckland, I'd stayed at the 'Ascot Parnell', located near Stephens avenue, Parnell district.

It was the first time for me to put up a so-called 'B&B' style inn, savored talking with cheerful other visitors, mostly from the US.


a central part of Auckland (from Wiki)


July 04, 2016

FM in Feb. 2016 (in Tahiti, French Polynesia)

The following FM stations list is from Rob, extracted from a NZ-DX times on May 2016 edition.

He also visited Tahiti, (French Polynesia) on a cruise at the end of February 2016 and has provided this update on FM stations.


Tahitian FM Stations heard while berthed at Papeete and Moorea (only 15 km apart)


MHz / station / location

88.6 Radio Polynesie 1ere, Moorea

89.0 Radio Polynesie 1ere, Moorea

89.6 Radio Polynesie 1ere, Moorea

90.5 Radio Polynesie 1ere, Papeete

91.4 Radio Te Vevo o Te Tiaturiraa, Papeete

91.8 Radio Polynesie 1ere, Mont Marau

92.3 Radio Mahoi, Moorea

93.2 HITI FM, Papara

94.3 Radio Polynesie 1ere, Papeete

95.6 La Voix de l’Esperance, Mont Marau

96.4 Radio Maria no Te Hau, Mont Marau

97.4 Radio Te Reo o Tefana, Moorea

97.8 Radio Faa a Taui FM, Moorea

98.3 Radio Tiare FM, Afaahiti

99.0 Radio Polynesie 1ere, Papeete

99.5 La Voix de l’Esperance, Moorea

100.0 Radio 1, Moorea

100.8 Rire et Chansons Tahiti, Pueu

101.0 Rire et Chansons Tahiti, Moorea

101.5 Radio Maria no Te Hau, Moorea

102.6 Rire et Chansons Tahiti, Mont Maru

103.0 Radio NRJ Polynesie, Mont Marau

103.8 Radio Tiare FM, Mont Marau

104.7 Radio Paofai, Moorea

105.5 Radio Tiare FM, Moorea

107.3 Radio Faa’a Taui FM, Mont Marau


Further to the above list, he provided a NZ-DX times with the following report on the FM scene in Easter Island.

Referring to page 186 in the 2016 WRTH, he noted all listed FM stations with the exception of Radio Maria 99.9 MHz which is OFF AIR

A new unlisted FM station Radio Rapanui was observed on 91.7 MHz.


Many thanks to Rob!


the central part of Papeete (from Wikipedia)



July 03, 2016

Sporadic E Openings on July 2, 2016 (in Japan)

Yesterday, around before noon, I came across some Russian FM stations on lower FM band.

I was so excited, by reason of the very first Sporadic E moment in this year.

A few stations’ identification announcements, ‘Radio Rossi’ were recognized, but couldn't understand the whole contents.

The time period was around 1100–1200JST (0200-0300 UTC).

The receiver was my ATS-909X and rod antenna, received at a park near home.


1) 65.2MHz



2) 66.0MHz



3) 69.9MHz



4) 70.4MHz



July 02, 2016

MW in Jan. or Feb. 2016 (in Chile) - 2

In January or February 2016.

The reception location was mostly in Valparaiso - Chile and the receiver was his DE1121.

kHz / time(UTC) / country / station and comments


530 0200 CHL (Chile)

Valparaiso location? Station – nothing listed in 2016 WRTH. Good level.

Ad is SS for Cunard ship Queen Victoria

540 1115 ARG (Argentina)

Radio Nacional Ushuaia is the most likely Candidate, 25 kW.

ID as ‘Radio Nacional’,Heard in Valparaiso.

540 1200 Unknown

Weak Latin heard from ship, maybe Ecuadorian?

540 1250 ARG

Ushuaia 25 kW, studio and transmitter in Rivadavia Street.

560 0200 ARG?

No Chilean station listed here. ID heard as ‘Radio Nacional’, likely contender is LRA13(Call sign) Bahai Blance Valparaiso

570 1115 ARG

No ID but most likely is Radio Argentinas, Buenos Aires

590 0920 CHL

CD59 10 kW, Radio Pingüino (Penguin) Punta Arenas

590 1000 CHL

Radio Chilena Heard whilst in Punta Arenas CD590

600 0200 CHL

Radio Vida Nueva, Santiago. Fair with religious talk and mentions of Vaticana in Valparaiso 0200 UTC is 7.00 am local time.

620 2100 ARG

Radio Nacional Resistencia 25 kW LRA26, ID as Radio Nacional Resistencia” at Camp Patagonia, Torres del Paine, approx..400 klms north of Punta Arenas.

620 0930 ARG

Weak Argentinian, LRA26 Radio Nacional Resistencia, which is the most likely candidate given our proximityan explorer ship at Pia Glacier. No ID heard

630 1115 CHL

Radio Stela Maris, CB63, 10 kW, Valparaiso. Heard in Santiago and Valparaiso heard at 0200  and 1115 UTC. ID ‘Radio Stella Maris’.

640 1300 ARG

Radio Nacional. Heard //620 kHz, 630 kHz, and 730kHz.

660 1115 CHL

Radio UC Santiago CB66. Strong, heard in Valparaiso

680 0300 ARG

Radio Nyquil, Mendoza ID as ‘Radio Nyquil Mendoza’Heard in southern Chile whilst on Patagonia exploration cruise ship MV Stella Australis. Mendoza is close to the southern border between the 2 countries.

690 1115 CHL

Presumed Radio Santiago, no ID heard, many mentions of Santiago. Heard in Valparaiso and Santiago.

700 2100 CHL

CD70A. ID as 'Radio Magallanes' in Punta Arenas and here at Patagonia Camp just 400 km from Punta Arenas. According to our trekking guide who lives in Punta Arenas there are about 10 MW AM stns (mainly news) in the city.

710 0300 ARG

Radio Nacional. Good ID 'Por Nacional Radio Diez Buenos Aires'.

Only reasonable modulation and short breaks intransmission.

720 2100 ARG

LRA, very powerful so likely Mendoza. Great listening, accordion music, singing and applause. Sounded like talent show. Time pips on the hour '….. por laRadio Nacional …'.

730 2100 ARG

Either Radio Nacional Catamarca LRA27, or Santa Rosa LRA3. Had football commentary // with 640, 670, 680, 710, 720, 740 and 780 kHz

730 1115 CHL

Radio Coorperativia, Valparaiso CB73, massive signal, heard in Valparaiso,10 kW

760 1115 CHL

Radio Coorperativia, Santiago CB76 50 kW massive signal, heard in Valparaiso.

ID simply 'Coorperativia'.

780 0930 CHL

Radio Sago, CD78, 10 kW Osoma. Not too far from current ship location.

780 2100 ARG

Radio Nacional, LRA10, massive signal, 7 kW whilst in Ushuaia. LRA Stations have time pips on the half hour (in addition to the hour) and this assists country identification.

780 2100 ARG

Radio Nacional LRA10 10 kW, Ushuaia. Heard from Cape Horn and onwards to Ushuaia.

780 2100 CHL

CD78 Radio Sago, 10 Kw Osovnu about 100 km from their overnight base.

800 1120 CHL

Radio Maria, Valparaiso. Religious network station.Heard with church service, and ID as “Radio Maria”. heard in Valparaiso.

820 0500 CHL

ID as 'Caribnos Radio ….' .and 'Radio Carabineros de Chile, Santiago'. 24 hour 3/2

840 1120 CHL

Radio Portales, Valparaiso. High life music program, heard in Valparaiso

870 1130 ARG

radio Nacional, Buenos Aires, LRA1 100 kW. Main network RAI station, heard in Valparaiso, and widely in other locations (Santiago, Punta Natales, Punta Arenas, Torres del Paine, Ushuaia)

880 0600 CHL

Radio Colo Colo, Santiago. Talkback phone in px about cinema.

900 2145 CHL

Radio Vina del Mar, good level with Spanish talks. Easily heard from Valparaiso, as next city on the Pacific coast to Valparaiso, just 5 klms. away.

No ID heard but presumed this station.

940 2120 CHL

Radio Valentin Letelier, CB94. 1 kW Valparaiso. ID as above ‘Radio Valentin Leelier’ with wonderful music, hear in Valparaiso

960 2315 CHL

Radio Polar CD96, 10 kW Punta Arenas. Walked past the studio for this station in main Street of Punta Arenas.

This city is located on the Brunswick Peninsula, is among the largest cities in the entire Patagonian Region. It is roughly 1400km (881 miles) from the coast of Antarctica.

980 1400 CHL

CB98 Valparaiso 5 kW. Listed as inactive by 2016 WRTH but still here. Football cmmentary.

1020 1300 ARG

LRA, Radio Nacional. Mentions of Ushuaia and Santa Fe. Pips on the half hour. Networked px //620, 670 kHz and other frequencies

1070 1300 ARG

LRA ID as 'Radio Nacional Argentina'

1090 1200 the US

ID as 'ESPN Radio San Diego', and 'Mighty Radio', network station heard with ads and commentary news.

1100 1400 CHL

CB110 BBN Radio, 10 kW Vina del Mar, next city to Valparaiso.

1170 0930 CHL

Radio Nartales, Puerto Nartales. 5 kW CD117

1180 2100 CHL

CB118, Radio Portales, Santiago 50 kW Pops px, some fading, station logged in Valparaiso. This Santiago px not //to Radio Portales (Valparaiso) on 840 kHz.

1190 0400 ARG

2 UNID ARG stations mixing, Radio America Buenos Aires, & Radio Nacional San Miguel de Tucuman.

1210 1110 CHL

Radio Valparaiso, ID 'La Musica en Valparaiso' and into an Elvis Presley song. Very strong in Valparaiso

1260 0920 CHL

CD126. 10 kW Radio Maria, Punta Arenas. Their Chilean walks guide said there are about 10 AM MW stations in Punta Arenas.

1270 1100 CHL

Radio Festival, Vina del Mar. Very good level with SS hi-life mx. ID 'Radio Festival' in Valparaiso.

1340 0400 CHL

Radio Colo Colo, Valparaiso, CB134, 10 kW very good level with ballads.

1380 0400 CHL

CB138, Radio Corporacion, Santiago 50 kW and heard well in Valparaiso.

1380 1200 Unknown

Based on previous noting, this could be Radio Corporación, Santiago 50 kW.

1500 0420 CHL

CD150 1 kW Radio Tierra del Fuego (Porvenir). ID as 'Tierra del Fuego radio'. Porvenir is just across the sea channel from Punta Arenas.

1530 1200 the US

KFBK, Sacramento, CA the US, 50KW.

ID 'News Radio KFBK' An old favorite Heard in many DX locations over the decades in Australia.

Other the US based stations heard with English accent but not identified (too weak) include, 1120, 1140 (KHTK Sacramento?), 1150, 1200, 1280, 1440 kHz

1600 0600 CHL

Radio Nuevo Tiempo, Santiago. 250 W CD1670, heard with ballads and pop mx whilst in Santiago.


A range of Argentine stations. Difficult to identify as many on same channel. Need to look at map for guidance against signal strength.

Their Torres del Paine ‘Camp Patagonia’ is only 50 km. from the Chile/ Argentine border.

Frequencies of ARG Stations for further investigation include, 560, 580, 600, 630. 640, 690, 710, 730, 740, 760, 780, 830, 840, 930, 960, 1000,1020, 1110, 1150, 1160, 1170, 1200, 1220, 1260, 1270, 1280, 1360, 1370, (these channels heard between 1200 to 1700 UTC)


the port of Valparaiso (from Wikipedia)



the location (from Wikipedia)



July 01, 2016

MW in Jan. or Feb. 2016 (in Chile)

A member of ARDXC, Rob Shepherd, who is based in Toowoomba QLD Australia, had been aboard the Queen Mary 2 cruise in SE Pacific with his wife Kathy in the beginning of 2016.

The city Toowoomba is approx. 130 kilometers west of Brisbane and his main receiver is NRD-535 by JRC.

By chance, my wife had studied at the Univ of Queensland (UQ) in Brisbane for nearly 10 years, so she knows around this city very well.

Never one to be too far from a radio, Rob has shared some of his observations, loggings and photos around Easter island (belongs to Chile) and nicely allows me to introduce them.

The report is extracted from the Australian DX News (2016-03 issue) and I guess these will also be of interest to visitors of this blog.


Comments from Rob:

1) Some listed stations unable to be identified, i.e. numerous Argentinian MW stations noted in southern Chile, Patagonia region and Argentina.

2) Time constraints prevent sitting on any given station for extended periods.

3) Their hotel Hare Noi on Easter Island, just outside the main town of Hanga Roa afforded good elevation, leading to some good DX over 3 days.

4) In some locations, Pia Glacier etc. took DEGEN 1121 portable ashore from ship in Zodiac to get quiet time for enhanced radio reception.

5) Attended a Queen Mary organized a meeting titled ‘CQ CQ CQ’ in Churchill Smoking room, along with 4 x US 1 x Brit and 1 x UK amateur radio lovers, plus him.


moais (from Wikipedia)



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