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July 16, 2016

MW in July 16, 2016 (in Japan)

Today, my wife and I went to the Gotemba Premium Outlets in Gotemba city, Shizuoka pref.

It's an outlet mall located near Mt. Fuji ,was opened in 2000, contains over 200 stores, right now.

It's one of her favorite places and go on a regular basis (a few times in a year), because not so far from home. (approx. one and a half hours by car)


From next week, she and our son will stay at her home in Malaysia, and meet relatives in Singapore, for totally nearly one month.

She'd like to buy and bring home-coming gifts to her extended family members and friends.

I brought my ER-C57WR by ELPA and tried to listen local MW stations.

The loggings which dated on July 16, 2016, the time duration was 1530-1600 JST (UTC+0900), by internal antenna.


kHz / station / call-sign / SIO

594 NHK-Radio-1_Tokyo, JOAK, 555

639 NHK-Radio-2_Shizuoka, JOPB, 555

693 NHK-Radio-2_Tokyo, JOAB, 454

765 Yamanashi-hoso_Kofu, JOJF, 555

810 AFN_Tokyo, 454

882 NHK-Radio-1_Shizuoka, JOPK, 454

927 NHK-Radio-1_Kofu, JOKG, 353

954 TBS Radio_Tokyo, JOKR, 454

1026 NHK-Radio-1_Gotemba relay station, no call-sign, 555

1134 Bunka-hoso_Tokyo, JOQR, 454

1242 Nippon-hoso_Tokyo, JOLF, 454

1404 SBS-Radio_Shizuoka, JOVR, 555

The synchronized relay station (as the same frequency) is active in Gotemba.

1422 RF-radio-nippon_Kawasaki, JORF, 353

1485 RF-radio-nippon_Odawara reay station, JORL, 252





Unfortunately, couldn't see Mt. Fuji



my ER-C57WR


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