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September 30, 2016

The impression of my Eton Satellit (Grundig Edition)

Not only does an Eton Satellit (Grundig Edition) have a good sensitivity, but it also offers its users quite a few rich functions.


I felt the FM band is subpar level for sensitivity and under-preforming unless antenna fully extended.

It seems that it's synchronous detector, works as it should, and very well indeed on SW broadcasts.

And have multiple band widths work well on SW, and MW speaker aside.

The sleep timer is embedded in the on/off switch, it should be a separate button, as you have to turn the radio off, then on again to utilize it, if the radio is on.

The sleep timer, and gain controls are minor, compared to the speaker.


The radio uses four AA cells, and comes with an AC adaptor, which you can use to charge rechargeable batteries, or to listen to the radio.

I bought Panasonic Eneloops AA batteries for it (Actually, I seldom use an AC adopter) and it takes about 23 hours to charge them in the radio, a minor draw-back, is that you have to set the charge time each time you go to charge the Eneloops.

The radio might have worked about a week on these cells, in normal use.


Aside from the speaker, this radio is well designed, and works very well.

It does come with a detailed manual, and a nice, nylon carry case.

I should say… am not a professional reviewer.

I paid only for my personal use.






September 29, 2016

an ATS-405's 'Soft Mute' and 'Tuning Mute'


I found this model has a few unique on/off selections named Soft Mute and Tuning Mute.

According to the manual in English, Soft Mute is to reduce background noise during weak signal, however it will also reduce radio reception.

The initial setting for Soft Mute is OFF.

Soft Mute can be set either radio is ON or OFF.

Press and hold Menu button until a beep sounds and display Menu icon appears.

(see the above photo)

Pressing Soft Mute button, display will appear OFF.

Using the tuning UP/Down button to select Soft Tuning ON or OFF, then press ENTER button to complete the setting.

It’s supposed to decrease the noise between signals, or when signals fade, but it has plenty of deleterious side effects, such as muting then surging of the audio as a signal falls below a certain threshold, then fades back in again.


Tuning Mute is muting the scan noise.

The initial Tuning Mute is ON for all bands, however for listeners who prefer not to miss any weak transmissions during the tuning, better to disable this function.

Tuning Mute can be set either radio is ON or OFF.

Press and hold Menu button until a beep sounds and display Menu icon appears.

Press Tuning Mute button 2, display will first shows ON. Using the tuning UP/Down button to select Tuning Mute ON or OFF, then press ENTER button to complete the setting.


I think, many digitally-tuned radios, even before DSP, are hampered by muting while tuning, which makes band scanning difficult compared with past radios.

September 23, 2016

visited JAL's 'Sky museum' and hangers in HND - 2

A typical tour course lasts 90 minutes: aviation seminar (30 minutes), exhibit tour (20 minutes) and hangar tour (40 minutes).

Excluding New Year's holidays the museum is open daily with tours.

Visitors can book tours up to six months in advance through the JAL website (Sadly only in Japanese) and the admission is free of charge.


at the hanger 1 



at the hanger 2






September 22, 2016

visited JAL's 'Sky museum' and hangers in HND

Japan Air Lines Co., Ltd. (JAL/JL) opened the 'Sky Museum' inside their maintenance hangar located in the field of Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND).

I joined a tour course today (national holiday) with my son.

We were overwhelmed by the grandeur of the size of ‘JAL Maintenance Center 1’.


the entrance signboard.



JAL has completely remodeled the tour course inside the airline's Haneda hangars.

Tours at the Sky Museum are open to the public, however the number of entrants is limited and by advance reservation only.


commemorative items



Inside are aviation-related documents (paper and digital archives) dating back to the airline's creation in 1951, a 50-meter-long chronological table of JAL's history, as well as exhibits with cabin crew uniforms and large models of aircraft JAL has used over the years.


in the museum 







JAL also makes some materials public for the first time ever in its Special Flight and Imperial Household Flight records.

In addition, the museum has booths set up to present the work performed by flight crews, cabin crews, aircraft mechanics, airport staff, ground staff and baggage handlers.

Visitors learn interesting information from tour guides and get the chance to experience some of the work JAL employees perform and try on the uniforms.

The museum also has a walkway leading straight into a few hangers where real aircraft undergo maintenance.



September 16, 2016

MW and FM in April 2016 (in Nagasaki, Japan) - 2

There're two major sea ports (Izuhara and Hitakatsu) and one airport in Tsushima island.

Hydrofoil ships come from the port of Hakata in Fukuoka city (Kyushu) a few times per day, also travel a few times a week to Busan, South Korea.

Regular flights from Fukuoka airport (FUK) to Tsushima airport (TSJ), four times a day by ANA(NH) .


the location of Izuhara and Hitakatsu 



a vicinity of  Izuhara



in front of the Hitakatsu terminal bldg.



Hitakatsu port's only pier of international route



Izuhara located in the southernmost part and most populous district in this island.

I'd stayed at a hotel in Izuhara for two days and heard FM by my ATS-909X with telescopic antenna.

The time duration was around 10pm on April 14 2016.


FM in Izuharabetween 76 and 95 MHz

(MHz / station / location / SIO)


76.1 Love FM, Fukuoka-city, 252

77.9 FM saga, Karatsu-city, Saga-pref, 454

78.7 Cross FM, Fukuoka-city, 353

80.0 FM Fukuoka, Kitakyushu-city, 151

80.7 FM Fukuoka, Fukuoka-city, 352

81.6 NHK-FM(Saga), Karatsu-city, 252

82.6 NHK-FM(Izuhara), Tsushima-city(local station), 555

83.3 NHK-FM(Goonoura), Iki-city, 252

84.8 NHK-FM(Fukuoka), Fukuoka-city, 252

86.0 NHK-FM(Sasebo), Sasebo-city, Nagasaki-pref, 151

88.9 MBC radio music-FM, Busan, 544

90.2 KBC radio, Fukuoka-city, 252

90.5 eFM Busan, Busan, 454

91.0 RKB radio, Fukuoka-city, 252

91.1 MBC radio FM, Jinju, Gyeongsangnam-do, 242

92.3 Yamaguchi-hoso(KRY radio), Hofu-city, Yamaguchi-pref, 141

92.7 KBS FM-One, Busan, 544

94.9 Traffic Broadcasting Network, Busan(HLDN-FM), 252


103.7MHz - KBS Standard-FM service from Busan, SIO was 454 


September 15, 2016

Traveling by high speed trains

As I and my son like traveling by high speed trains, have gotten on 'Shinkansen' (high speed train services in Japan) myriad of times.

The success of the Shinkansen, which bridged a gap between automobiles and passenger transportation by air, triggered a review of the improvement of railways, which was slowing down in Japan then, and also motivated EU and Asian nations to build a high speed passenger railway.


Nowadays, the Central Japan Railway Company (JR Tokai) has already decided to construct Chuo (Central Japan) Shinkansen, which uses linear motor trains, showing Japan's unceasing movement toward faster railway network.






【South Korea】

In South Korea, high speed rail system named KTX, operated by Korail. (Korean Railroad Corporation)

The Construction began on the high-speed line from Seoul to Busan in 1992 and services were launched on April, 2004.

I got on a KTX service once with my wife and son just one year ago.


a KTX train (from Wiki)










The HSR (High Speed Rail) system is based primarily on Japan's Shinkansen technology, opened for service on January 2007.

We got on this once in 2015 and were so surprised that it's quite similar to Japanese style.


a HSR tran (from Wiki)





(Taiwan HSR)



【the US】

In Mainland China, such kinds of services are available, however still no opportunity to get on. Instead, I got on an Acela express (operated by Amtrak) service from NY to Philadelphia PA in 2014.

It's Amtrak's flagship service along the Northeast Corridor in the Northeast US between Washington DC and Boston MA via 14 intermediate stops including Baltimore MD, Philadelphia, and New York City.

The trains are the fastest trainsets in the Americas; the highest speed they attain is 150 mph.


an Acela train (from Wiki)





(Acela express)



Even though I've been to EU zone several times, still no chance to go on board.

I look forward to relaxed travel by high speed trains in these countries sometime.

Of course, with a radio. happy01

September 10, 2016

the verification card from IBS radio (Ibaraki, Japan)

Ibaraki prefecture is located on the Kanto Plain. The capital city is Mito.

The Tsukuba Science City is situated among this pref, and is famous for the origin of Natto, a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans.

The northernmost part of the prefecture is mountainous, but most of the prefecture is a flat plain with many lakes.











Mito is home to Natto and ‘Kairakuen’, one of Japan's three most celebrated gardens, and famous for its over 3,000 Japanese plum trees of over 100 varieties.

It takes approx one and a half hours from Tokyo central to Mito by limited express train operated by East Japan railway company. (JR East)


a central part of Tsukuba (from Wiki)



a part of Kairakuen (from Wiki)



a cup of natto (from Wiki)



Ibaraki hoso ('hoso'  means 'broadcasting' in Japanese) or IBS radio (the abbreviation of Ibaraki Broadcasting System) is the only commercial regional broadcasting station in this pref.

Their traditional service is on MW.

Moreover their new complementary FM service commenced in Sept. 2015.



(the complementary/supplementary FM - explanations on this blog)




Their headquarters situated in Mito, transmitting sites are in Mito (MW-1197kHz-5KW), Hitachi(FM-88.1MHz-100W), Tsuchiura/Chikusei(MW-1458kHz-1kW) and Sakuragawa (FM-94.6MHz-1kW).

Their FM service is under the nickname of ‘i-FM’ because no prefectural regional commercial FM station in Ibaraki before.

Within this pref, NHK's short wave transmitting site named 'Yamata' is also located.


the card and vinyl decal from IBS




September 09, 2016

the verification card from TBS Radio (Tokyo, Japan) and the 'Tokyo Skytree'

There're three MW commercial/private stations headquartered in Tokyo, the TBS Radio (JOKR), Bunka-hoso (JOQR) and Nippon-hoso(JOLF).

'TBS' is the abbreviation of 'Tokyo Broadcasting System' and their radio service (MW) frequency is 954kHz. (100kW)

Their target areas, same as the other two stations, are Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Gunma, Tochigi and Ibaraki in Kanto region.

Their new complementary FM service (on 90.5MHz / 7kW) commenced in Dec 2015. (no repeaters/relays)


(TBS holdings)


(TBS radio)


(TBS international site)





(the complementary/supplementary FM - explanations on this blog)




Their FM service is transmitted from the tower named 'Tokyo Skytree', one of the most popular sightseeing destinations in Tokyo.






(Tokyo Skytree official web site)


(Tokyo Skytree)



I went to there with my wife and son three years ago (July 2013) .

Unfortunately I didn't bring a radio.

The latest Tokyo landmark is still definitely the Skytree, which opened in May 2012.

At 634 metres, it's the highest structure in Japan and the highest free-standing broadcasting tower in the world.

At the time, the Skytree had opened for more than one year, however we needed to line up for a few hours to go to the observation decks.

The view from up there is quite impressive if you've never seen Tokyo above.

And the great thing about the Skytree is that you're high above anything else.


My wife and son really don't like queuing for a long time, (Too impatient!) so I booked the bus tour named 'Tokyo Skytree and Asakusa' (a half day tour in English) provided by the 'Hato Bus'. This means no queuing for group visitors.

The Hato Bus ('Hato' means 'a pigeon' in Japanese) is the most popular sightseeing bus service provider in Tokyo, with many tours in some foreign languages, too.

The 40 seats were fully occupied by tourists, mainly two groups from Myanmar and high school students from Cheyenne WY, the US.


(Hato Bus's the Skytree tour)



At the foot of the Skytree, there's 'Tokyo Skytree Town', a shoppig and entertainment complex that has an aquarium and a planetarium as well as many stores and restaurants.


the entrance tickets





September 04, 2016

The recent posts of 'travel_and_listening' category as of September 4 2016

The recent (over three months) posts of 'travel_and_listening' category are as follows;


Posted yyyy/mm, location, (the cooperator)


2016/09 Tsushima island, Nagasaki, Japan (Koji)

2016/09 Majorca island, Spain (Keith C Howells)

2016/07 Gotemba, Shizuoka, Japan (Koji)

2016/07 Auckland, New Zealand (Rob Shepherd)

2016/07 Wellington, New Zealand (Rob)

2016/07 Tahiti, French Polynesia (Rob)

2016/07 Valparaiso, Chile (Rob)

2016/06 Corfu, Greece (Keith)

2016/06 Omaezaki, Shizuoka, Japan (Koji)


I should say 'Thanks a lot!' to all cooperators.


Unfortunately, no Short Wave reception is included above.

I'm a casual radio listener, not an authentic DX-er.

I don't have any SDR, communication receiver nor heavy external antenna.


My ATS-909X in Tsushima


September 03, 2016

MW and FM in April 2016 (in Nagasaki, Japan)

Tsushima is an island of the Japanese archipelago located in the Korea Strait between the Japanese mainland and the Korean Peninsula, belongs to Nagasaki prefecture, Japan.

The north faces the Korean Peninsula across the Korea Strait; the shortest distance to peninsula is 49.5km, near Busan the second largest city in South Korea.

The south faces Iki island, the Kyushu mainland across Tsushima Channel, and sea route to Hakata (Fukuoka) is 138km.







I've been to there in last April and tried to catch Korean FM and MW stations in the most north part of the island by my ATS-909X.

 I could hear quite a few Korean FM stations (up to 60 frequencies) including the following three RDS available stations.

On the other hand, no more than six Japanese FM stations were confirmed at the same place. 

'KBS' is the only national public broadcasting station in South Korea, corresponds to NHK in Japan.







91.7MHz KBS-Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do (near Busan)



95.7MHz KBS-Suncheon, Jeollanam-do (near Yeosu) Kbs_mangunsan


103.7MHz KBS-Busan



MW in daytime


The following results are from the loggings heard at the 'Hill where neighbor country sees it' around 2PM by my ATS-909X with internal anenna.

'MBC', 'CBS' and 'FEBC' are major private radio networks in South Korea.

 (kHz / station,call-sign / location,country / SIO)


540  NHK_Radio-1 JOSK, Kitakyushu-city Fukuoka-pref JPN, 252

558  KBS_Daegu HLQH, Daegu-city 353

612  NHK_Radio-1 JOLK, Kasuga-city Fukuoka-pref JPN, 544         

630  KBS_Yeosu, Yeosu-city KOR, 252

702  NHK_Radio-2 JOFB, Hiroshima-city JPN, 252

720  KBC_Radio JOIL, Kitakyushu-city Fukuoka-pref JPN, 252

774  MBC_Radio HLAJ, Cheju-island KOR, 252

891  KBS_Busan HLKB, Busan-city KOR, 544

936  KBS_Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do KOR, 544

963  NHK_Radio-1 JOSP, Saga-city Saga-pref JPN, 252

990  MBC_Radio HLAP, Changwon Gyeongsangnam-do KOR, 454

1017 NHK_Radio-2 JOLB, Kasuga-city Fukuoka-pref JPN, 353

1080 MBC_Radio HLAT, Yeosu-city KOR, 353       

1098 KBS_Jinju HLCJ, Jinju-city Gyeongsangnam-do KOR, 353      

1161 MBC_Radio HLKU Busan-city KOR, 353

1278 RKB_Radio JOFR Fukuoka-city JPN, 353    

1296 NHK_Radio-1 JOTK, Matue-city Shimane-pref JPN, 151         

1404 CBS_Radio HLKP, Busan-city KOR, 252

1413 KBC_Radio JOIF, Fukuoka-city JPN, 353

1566 FEBC (HLAZ) Cheju-island KOR, 554








I've been to Busan once in 2011 by a hydrofoil craft (takes 3 hours from Fukuoka) 



these services are operated by code-sharing practice with a Japanese 'Beetle' and a Korean 'Kobee








I used a G3 in Busan 





September 02, 2016

MW and FM in August 2016 (in Spain)

A member of BDXC, Keith C Howells, based in Wales, has been to Majorca island in last month.

It's the largest island in the Balearic Islands archipelago, which are part of Spain and located in the Mediterranean.

He introduced me his reception results on MW and FM broadcasts during the stay by his PL-380 without any additional antenna.

I assume it as very intriguing and should much appreciate his courtesy.


(Majorca island)







He had spent in picturesque town of Port de Pollenca, in the north of Majorca (about an hour's drive from the capital Palma de Mallorca in the south west) for one week with his wife.

The listening situation was very interesting both in the daytime as well as after dark.

Below you will see what he managed to capture on MW in the daytime hours at various times up to sunset which varied between 2031 up to 2044 local time.

Just as a point of interest you will see references to the island as Mallorca and Majorca. (The former is the name in Spanish and Catalan)

Similarly, the village where they stayed is known as Port de Pollença in Catalan and Puerto de Pollensa in Spanish.

Hopefully this explains the interchangeable use of these names in this post.


the view of Palma (From Wiki)



North Africa puts in an appearance during the daylight hours from Mallorca.

Algeria (Jil FM) on 531/549 kHz can be heard with a more than above average power.

Likewise Radio Algerienne C on 1422kHz can be heard quite well from there.

Radio Tunisienne in Tunis (630kHz) is another North African channel with a reasonable strength signal.

One other strong signal during the day is Radio Algerienne Chaîne 2 on 981kHz in the local Tamazight language.


Daytime MW stations (kHz and station/location)


531 Radio Algerienne Jil FM F'Kirina

540 OCR Catalunya, Barcelona

549 Radio Algerienne Jil FM

558 Radio National de Espana(RNE) Radio 5 multi site

576 RNE Radio 5 Barcelona

621 RNE Radio Nacional Palma de Mallorca

630 Radio Tunisienne Tunis

666 Cadena SER

738 RNE Radio Nacional Barcelona

774 RNE Radio Nacional multisite

801/855 RNE Radio Nacional multisite

873 Cadena SER multisite

909 RNE Radio 5 Palma de Majorca

981 Radio Algerienne Chaîne 2 (Tamazight)

1026 Cadena SER multisite

1179 Cadena SER Radio Valencia (v. weak)

1224 Cadena COPE Palma de Mallorca

1413 RNE Radio 5 multisite

1422 Radio Algerienne C

1467 TWR Roumoules France FF


FM radio on the island is quite typical of contemporary style in most of EU.

Apart from public broadcaster RTVE, there is a mixture of different listening tastes filling the band.

Most of the stations broadcast in Spanish except where indicated in Catalan.

One interesting catch on FM was Radio RDS 101.7 from Italy, although he doesn't know if this was as a part of an FM lift or whether this comes in regularly.

Geographically Italy is over the other side of the Mediterranean so it might be the norm. The weather conditions were hot and settled at around about 31 degreeC.


(MHz / station)


89.2 IB 3 Radio Música Menorca (Catalan)

92.3 Radio Lima

92.7 Onda Cero Majorca

93.2 RNE Radio Nacional

94.3 Onda Cero

94.7 Alcudia Radio (Catalan)

95.2 La Caje

95.4 RNE Radio Clasica

95.7 Cadena SER

95.8 Insel Radio (English)

96.6 La Bomba

96.9 Insel Radio (German)

97.4 RNE Radio 3

98.2 Cadena Real

99.1 KISS FM

99.7 RNE Radio 5

100.2 Esse 'S' Radio

100.6 Esse Radio

100.8 Radio Cuatra

101.1 IB Tres Radio (Catalan)

101.5 Catalunya Música. Collserola Barcelona

101.7 Radio RDS Italy

101.9 Radio Maria //105.0

102.1 Radio Marca

102.8 Catalunya Radio (Catalan, mono)

103.1 Cadena SER

103.5 Cadena COPE

105.7 Radio One Mallorca // 102.00 Alvi

106.1 Mallorca Sunshine Radio

107.9 Radio Pollença 107.9 (Catalan)


After dark, a great proportion of the DX activity was from the Spanish mainland featuring mostly stations run by RNE in Madrid.

Some of the private networks like Cadena COPE and Cadena SER could also be heard quite clearly.

The Catalan broadcaster OCR could also be picked up, possibly from Catalonia on the mainland.

North Africa puts in an appearance a little more conspicuously than in the daylight hours in this location.

Both Algeria and Tunisia are there quite audibly, with Libya, a little way along the North

African coast, coming in with Voice of Homeland in Tripoli, which is a new country for him.

Looking towards the Middle East was SBC in Saudi Arabia on 585kHz, SIO 222.

On LW, 252kHz at 0024, ID as 'Alger 3' in Algiers, also with a 222 SIO.


North African


(kHz / local time / station / language / SIO / dated on)

531 2357 Radio Algerienne Jil FM, mx, FF 555 13/Aug

549 0003 Radio Algerienne Jil FM, Arabic mx 555 14/Aug

630 0018 RTT Tunisienne Talk prog, AA 222 14/Aug

963 2322 RTT Tunisienne International, Tunis, mx AA 222 16Aug

981 2327 Radio Algerienne 2. Algiers, mx 222 16Aug

1053 2332 Voice of Homeland, Tripoli, Libya, mx, AA 222 16Aug

1422 0008 Radio Algerienne C, Algiers, Quran prog 323 17Aug




531 0001 OCR Catalyuna sports, SS 555 14Aug

567 0005 RNE Radio 5 Murcia. Sports prog SS 333 14Aug

576 0008 RNE Radio 5 Barcelona. Sports SS // 738 333 14Aug

612 0015 RNE R Nacional, multisite, sport //639, 693, 729, 774, 855 211 14Aug

621 0016 RNE R Nacional Palma de Mallorca, sports, SS 323 14Aug

666 0024 Cadena SER, sports programme, SS, // 711, 873, 1260, 1287 444 14Aug

684 0026 RNE Radio Nacional, Sevilla, SS 232 14Aug

783 0040 Cadena COPE Barcelona, sports prog in SS 444 14Aug

810 0044 Cadena SER Radio Madrid mx programme, SS 444 14Aug

837 0046 Cadena COPE, multisite, talk SS // 882, 1215, 1584, 1602 222 14Aug

864 0050 RNE Radio Nacional Socuellmos, sports, SS 211 14Aug

900 0057 RAI Radio Uno, Milano, talk, Italian 212 14Aug

909 0101 RNE Radio 5 Palma de Mallorca, talk, SS 222 14Aug

936 0104 RNE Radio 5, multisite, sports talk, SS // 1107, 1152, 1314 212 14Aug

1080 2335 Cadena SER Radio Mallorca, sports, SS 121 16Aug

1224 2347 Cadena COPE, Palma de Mallorca, talk, SS 222 16Aug

1413 0004 RNE Radio 5 Todas la Noticias, news, SS 121 17Aug

1485 0012 Cadena SER, talk OM, SS 121 17Aug

1539 0014 Cadena SER Radio Elche, talk and sport, SS 323 17Aug


All in all, he would say a visit to this part of Spain proved quite interesting.

Certainly there is a varied range of radio across both MW and FM in Majorca.


As I've been to Rabat, Morocco in 2011, totally agree with him on the reception circumstances.

It's a real joy of traveling with a portable receiver.

No need any SDR nor communication receiver!


I boarded the aircraft at the Rabat ariport






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