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September 16, 2016

MW and FM in April 2016 (in Nagasaki, Japan) - 2

There're two major sea ports (Izuhara and Hitakatsu) and one airport in Tsushima island.

Hydrofoil ships come from the port of Hakata in Fukuoka city (Kyushu) a few times per day, also travel a few times a week to Busan, South Korea.

Regular flights from Fukuoka airport (FUK) to Tsushima airport (TSJ), four times a day by ANA(NH) .


the location of Izuhara and Hitakatsu 



a vicinity of  Izuhara



in front of the Hitakatsu terminal bldg.



Hitakatsu port's only pier of international route



Izuhara located in the southernmost part and most populous district in this island.

I'd stayed at a hotel in Izuhara for two days and heard FM by my ATS-909X with telescopic antenna.

The time duration was around 10pm on April 14 2016.


FM in Izuharabetween 76 and 95 MHz

(MHz / station / location / SIO)


76.1 Love FM, Fukuoka-city, 252

77.9 FM saga, Karatsu-city, Saga-pref, 454

78.7 Cross FM, Fukuoka-city, 353

80.0 FM Fukuoka, Kitakyushu-city, 151

80.7 FM Fukuoka, Fukuoka-city, 352

81.6 NHK-FM(Saga), Karatsu-city, 252

82.6 NHK-FM(Izuhara), Tsushima-city(local station), 555

83.3 NHK-FM(Goonoura), Iki-city, 252

84.8 NHK-FM(Fukuoka), Fukuoka-city, 252

86.0 NHK-FM(Sasebo), Sasebo-city, Nagasaki-pref, 151

88.9 MBC radio music-FM, Busan, 544

90.2 KBC radio, Fukuoka-city, 252

90.5 eFM Busan, Busan, 454

91.0 RKB radio, Fukuoka-city, 252

91.1 MBC radio FM, Jinju, Gyeongsangnam-do, 242

92.3 Yamaguchi-hoso(KRY radio), Hofu-city, Yamaguchi-pref, 141

92.7 KBS FM-One, Busan, 544

94.9 Traffic Broadcasting Network, Busan(HLDN-FM), 252


103.7MHz - KBS Standard-FM service from Busan, SIO was 454 


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