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September 03, 2016

MW and FM in April 2016 (in Nagasaki, Japan)

Tsushima is an island of the Japanese archipelago located in the Korea Strait between the Japanese mainland and the Korean Peninsula, belongs to Nagasaki prefecture, Japan.

The north faces the Korean Peninsula across the Korea Strait; the shortest distance to peninsula is 49.5km, near Busan the second largest city in South Korea.

The south faces Iki island, the Kyushu mainland across Tsushima Channel, and sea route to Hakata (Fukuoka) is 138km.







I've been to there in last April and tried to catch Korean FM and MW stations in the most north part of the island by my ATS-909X.

 I could hear quite a few Korean FM stations (up to 60 frequencies) including the following three RDS available stations.

On the other hand, no more than six Japanese FM stations were confirmed at the same place. 

'KBS' is the only national public broadcasting station in South Korea, corresponds to NHK in Japan.







91.7MHz KBS-Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do (near Busan)



95.7MHz KBS-Suncheon, Jeollanam-do (near Yeosu) Kbs_mangunsan


103.7MHz KBS-Busan



MW in daytime


The following results are from the loggings heard at the 'Hill where neighbor country sees it' around 2PM by my ATS-909X with internal anenna.

'MBC', 'CBS' and 'FEBC' are major private radio networks in South Korea.

 (kHz / station,call-sign / location,country / SIO)


540  NHK_Radio-1 JOSK, Kitakyushu-city Fukuoka-pref JPN, 252

558  KBS_Daegu HLQH, Daegu-city 353

612  NHK_Radio-1 JOLK, Kasuga-city Fukuoka-pref JPN, 544         

630  KBS_Yeosu, Yeosu-city KOR, 252

702  NHK_Radio-2 JOFB, Hiroshima-city JPN, 252

720  KBC_Radio JOIL, Kitakyushu-city Fukuoka-pref JPN, 252

774  MBC_Radio HLAJ, Cheju-island KOR, 252

891  KBS_Busan HLKB, Busan-city KOR, 544

936  KBS_Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do KOR, 544

963  NHK_Radio-1 JOSP, Saga-city Saga-pref JPN, 252

990  MBC_Radio HLAP, Changwon Gyeongsangnam-do KOR, 454

1017 NHK_Radio-2 JOLB, Kasuga-city Fukuoka-pref JPN, 353

1080 MBC_Radio HLAT, Yeosu-city KOR, 353       

1098 KBS_Jinju HLCJ, Jinju-city Gyeongsangnam-do KOR, 353      

1161 MBC_Radio HLKU Busan-city KOR, 353

1278 RKB_Radio JOFR Fukuoka-city JPN, 353    

1296 NHK_Radio-1 JOTK, Matue-city Shimane-pref JPN, 151         

1404 CBS_Radio HLKP, Busan-city KOR, 252

1413 KBC_Radio JOIF, Fukuoka-city JPN, 353

1566 FEBC (HLAZ) Cheju-island KOR, 554








I've been to Busan once in 2011 by a hydrofoil craft (takes 3 hours from Fukuoka) 



these services are operated by code-sharing practice with a Japanese 'Beetle' and a Korean 'Kobee








I used a G3 in Busan 





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