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October 28, 2016

FM in October 2016 (in Hokkaido, Japan)

I went to Sapporo city, Hokkaido in last week.

Hokkaido is the second largest island of Japan, and the northmost prefecture. The capital is Sapporo city.

I've been to Hokkaido more than 20 times, both on business and for pleasure, so am well-informed about there.


In my spare time, tried to chase FM stations from the observatory floor of the 'JR Tower T38' by my PL-380 with its telescopic antenna.

It’s located 38 stories or 160 meters above ground, holds the distinction of being the highest floor of any building, not only in Sapporo but also in Hokkaido.

I was able to confirm no less than 18 stations, classified them into the following four types.


1) New style low powered community FM stations, usually own one transmitter.

2) Traditional prefectural (commercial) FM stations with a lot of relays and repeaters.

(In Hokkaido, FM North Wave and AIR-G’)

3) NHK's (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) stations with a lot of relays and repeaters

4) Complementary (supplementary) FM services of MW stations

 (In Hokkaido, HBC radio and STV radio)


(the tower38 guide in English, Chinese and Korean)



FM in Sapporo

‘NLP’ is a broadcast of new style low powered community FM station

‘TFS’ is a broadcast of traditional style high powered commercial station including NHK

‘WFM’ is a complementary (supplementary) station of traditional MW radio


(the complementary/supplementary FM - explanations on this blog)





(MHz / station / style / location / SIO)

the time duration was from 2pm to 4pm


76.2 Sankaku-yama-hoso, NLP,  Sapporo 454

76.5 FM Toyohira, NLP, Sapporo, 252

77.2 FM North wave, TFS, Sapporo odori, 454

78.1 Sapporo community radio, NLP, Sapporo, 555

78.6 Sapporo radio hoso, NLP, Sapporo, 454

79.2 AIR-G’, TFS, Sapporo odori, 454

79.5 FM North wave, TFS, Otaru city, 454

79.9 FM Mapple, NLP, Kita-hiroshima city, 252

80.4 AIR-G’, TFS, Sapporo, 555

81.3 Sapporo mura radio, NLP, Sapporo, 353

81.6 NHK-FM, TFS, Sapporo odori, 555

81.9 AIR-G’, TFS, Otaru city, 454

82.5 FM North wave, TFS, Sapporo, 555

83.0 FM Shiroishi with-S, NLP, Sapporo shiroishi, 353

84.0 NHK-FM, TFS, Fukagawa city, 454

85.2 NHK-FM (JOIK-FM), TFS, Sapporo, 555

90.4 STV Radio, WFM, Sapporo Teine Mt., 555

91.5 HBC Radio, WFM, Sapporo Teine Mt., 555


 (My last travel to Sapporo was in May 2013)




in the observation floor







the outer appearance of the tower 




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