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March 05, 2017

English domestic radio broadcasts in Japan -3

About MegaNet;

The following four regional FM private stations established Megalopolis Radio Network(MegaNet), linking Japan's international FM radio stations and covering more than 65% of Japan's population.


1) InterFM897  89.7MHz (10kW) in Tokyo

Also on 76.5 MHz (300W) in Yokohama,

Their slogan is ‘The Real Music Station’ since April 2013 and previous slogan was ‘Tokyo's No.1 Music Station’.

The station uses English as its main language besides Japanese, with public service announcement segments aired in Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Indonesian, Spanish, Thai, Portuguese and French to better serve the international community in the Tokyo Metropolitan area and its vicinity, not to mention news and other information bits in Japanese that the locals will find useful.

70% of its airtime is dedicated to worldwide music while the remaining 30% goes to Japanese pop and rock music selected in large part by a committee.

InterFM broadcast style mirrors American FM radio style and is consistent with stations in networks such as Clear Channel in the US.

(Inter-FM on Wikipedia)



2) Radio Neo 79.5MHz (5kW) in Nagoya, Aichi –

MegaNet lost an affiliate in Aichi Prefecture when Radio-i closed in 2010, reducing its affiliates to three; MegaNet returned to Aichi in April 2014 as InterFM Nagoya and changed name to Radio Neo in October 2015.


3) FM Cocolo 76.5MHz(10kW) in Osaka.

Cocolo’ means ‘heart’ or ‘mind’ in Japanese.

Kansai area which includes Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo (city of Kobe), Nara, Shiga, and Wakayama prefectures.

Most of the programs are in English and Japanese, with Chinese, French, Filipino, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Malaysian, Portuguese, Sinhalese, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.


4) Love FM 76.1MHz (1kW) in central Fukuoka

Also on 82.5MHz (100W) in west Fukuoka, 82.7MHz (250W) in Kita-Kyushu.

They cover all area of Fukuoka Prefecture, parts of Kumamoto, Nagasaki, Saga, Oita, and Yamaguchi Prefecture and Northern Kyushu.

They have 3 frequencies, “Fukuoka Station 76.1MHz”, Kitakyushu Station 82.7MHz” and Fukuoka Tower Station 82.5MHz” which set up on February 2002.

One of them “76.1” frequency can cover from Kumamoto City, part of Oita to Onga-gun, Fukuoka.

For example, when you go driving from Kumamoto City, you can enjoy driving to Fukuoka City without changing frequency.

Love FM supports your daily life with good music and information.


The HQ bldg of Radio Neo in Nagoya (from Wikipedia)



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