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March 09, 2017

Domestic radio broadcasts in Philippines

I’ve been to Philippines once, however the travel was done in 20 years ago and only within central part of Manila.

One of my wife’s friends, a Japanese woman married with Filipino man, now lives in Cebu - Central Visayas.

We met them in last year, so I have a feeling of closeness to the country.


Radio broadcasting is one of the major media of the Philippines, because this country is an archipelago state, and radio programs are free to listen.

As a matter of fact, looking into the daily lives of Filipinos, radio broadcasts are closely related to them.

For urban dwellers who use cars for commuting, listening music by FM radio is a very common scenery.

As for MW, programs of news, drama and music have big demand.

It is said that there’re approx. 500 FM stations in this country, English is widely used among them.

25 FM stations are sharpening in Manila, but Zubari music programs, especially Pops are popular.

In fact, about 15 stations out of 25 stations are broadcasting stations that pop music flows.

There are also stations specializing in jazz broadcasting and stations specialized in classical music, also available the stations related to Christianity.


As pertains to MW, it is said that about 350 stations are active, in Tagalog language, regional dialects, and English are used.

Daily news, social concerns, public relations, and soap opera are gaining popularity.

There are many broadcasting stations like this, about 130 companies actually conduct broadcasting business.


Approximately 20 of them have very large networks, for example, ABS-CBN, GMA Network, Channel 9 (RPN 9), IBC etc. that are broadcasting TV programs are deploying FM stations and MW stations.

Also, like Radio Mindanao Network Inc., even in a company that only broadcasts radio, there are also places where there are so many stations.

Manila Broadcasting Corp., which is mainly based on MW broadcasting, forms an enormous network throughout the Philippines.


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