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May 15, 2017

RRI to showcase DRM for local coverage 【Viva digital radio!】

I’ve been to Indonesia a few times, Jakarta, Batam and Bintan (islands near Singapore) long long ago…

My wife, as a Malay citizen, has several local Indonesian friends, because she can speak Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) very fluently.

I’m sure that a lot of dialects are spoken in this country, but the standard Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) is quite similar to Malay, so almost all Malay can communicate with Indonesian easily.


 According to ART (Asia Radio Today), one of my favorite sites, the DRM Consortium announced that the Indonesian public broadcaster, RRI (Radio Republik Indonesia) will join the upcoming demonstration of DRM for local coverage in Batam from May 16 to 18.


the verification card from ‘Voice of Indonesia’, the external service of RRI



One of the existing local FM frequencies and transmitters will be upgraded to DRM mode to present some of the clear benefits of digital radio for local coverage: excellent audio, multimedia features including Journaline advanced text and images, good coverage and efficient energy use.


In addition to international digital radio experts, participants include RRI experts, broadcast authorities, the industry and commercial broadcasters.

They will be able to learn about the effectiveness and many features of DRM for local coverage in the environment of Batam island, situated in the west of Indonesia not far from Singapore.


RRI is following its successful demonstrations of DRM in the AM (MW) bands for large-area coverage in Bogor - West Java (2015) and in Bali island (2016) with this new showcase and evaluation of DRM for local coverage.

After a full-day update explaining the technology background and applications, the participants will have the opportunity to see and hear for themselves how DRM performs by boarding a specially equipped vehicle for an excursion around Batam.

After that the participants will analyse the results and draw the conclusions for the next steps towards the roll-out of digital radio DRM in Indonesia.


RRI President, M. Rohanudin, says that: ‘By looking closely at the performance of DRM for local coverage, we will have tested and learnt about DRM both in the AM and VHF frequencies; we will have thoroughly understood the standard which will be useful for the future digitization of Indonesia.’


DRM Chairman Ruxandra Obreja welcomes the great support offered by and thorough effort made by RRI with all its recent DRM trials.

‘DRM in the VHF bands including the FM band is the newest and most flexible solution for local radio coverage.

We are happy to see how it delivers during this short Indonesian demonstration.

Having been ITU endorsed not long ago, DRM for local coverage is already being heard in Pakistan and is being demonstrated in South Africa’.


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