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November 03, 2018

WRTH 2019 edition

According to the latest edition of BDXC `Communication`, WRTH 2019 edition will be available by the end of next month.

It's one of essential matters for listening local stations during my travels worldwide, accordingly the part titled 'National Radio' makes myself quite useful.

From it, state broadcasters are listed first followed by major networks and then other stations.


Why don't you savor 'simple listening' on the sidelines of travel?

Local broadcastings gain a glimpse of better understanding trends in local culture.

I'm not interested in SW broadcasts (I think it might be obsolete!) and don't own any SDR (Software Defined Receiver) nor communication receiver nor heavy external antenna.

Actually, the part titled ‘International radio’ dramatically decreases year by year.

It’s really trend of the times.

Inevitably, there has been a further reduction in SW broadcasting over the past year.

Instead, local FM and digital broadcastings (like DAB, HD Radio...) have even more wanted!


The main contents are as follows;

National Radio – An A-Z country by country directory of national radio stations, updated by

worldwide contributors.

International Radio – full details of broadcasters and up-to-date winter shortwave frequency schedules supplied by the broadcasters, plus a Clandestine section.

Frequency Lists – MW by region, SW by frequency plus hour-by-hour broadcasts in

English, French, German, Portuguese & Spanish. Plus DRM broadcasts.

Articles – HF Curtain Arrays; Broadcasting for Peace in the Lake Chad region; TWR Bonaire’s

new MW transmitter; V7AB Radio Marshall Island plus WRTH’s regular Digital Update.

Also includes:

Terrestrial TV broadcasters A-Z by country

Color Maps showing SW transmitter sites

Reviews of the latest receivers & equipment including Winradio’s Excalibur Sigma,

Reuter’s RD51 ‘Pocket’; Icom’s IC-R30 and the Airspy HF+

Reference pages including domestic and International Shortwave transmitter sites.


the cover of WRTH2019


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