January 24, 2017

A book 'a bible for radio reception' is going to be published on January 28

A book form titled 'A bible for radio reception’ is going to be published on this weekend by Sansai-books. (Sorry! only in Japanese)

It’s a re-editing book, consists of selected articles from past ‘Radio mania’s (an annual magazine) and ‘Radio Life’s (a monthly magazine).


Unfortunately SW and overseas MW related are unavailable in it, I mean only domestic (FM and MW) connected descriptions are stringently selected.

I think, chasing SW broadcasts and foreign MW ones (like intercontinental) might be obsolete!


I’ve written for their books for seven years, so many pages!

So I feel really privileged to be picked out my past three contributions, no less than 24 pages, as the following reports;


1. ‘Which is the best SONY’s ongoing receiver for MW long distance reception?’ extracted from a ‘Radio Mania 2015’  (in July 2015)


2. ‘the study of Low Power MW transmission sites in Japan (regional analyzing)’  extracted from a ‘Radio Mania 2013’ (in Nov. 2012)


3. ‘the useful 3 aspects for MW long distance listening by geographical point of view’ extracted from a ‘Radio Mania 2010 (in Oct. 2010)


I also updated the page of my profile.



Since I'd specialized in geography, local radio listening heard worldwide is a very interesting hobby through a perspective of regional studies.

I assume that I'm the only writer who can create such kinds of articles and columns both in English and in Japanese.

 I do my best to live up to the expectation of readers!


the cover


October 14, 2016

A book 'worldwide listening guide' - 2

I think it's a very unique book, in fact I've never seen anything like it.


The editor's guide includes AM, FM, Satellite services and ‘Internet Radio’ programs.

He said ‘listening to the radio’ means a number of things that it didn’t just a few short years ago, and Radios now manifests itself through various ‘platforms’.


I deeply agree this!


Above all, Short Wave broadcastings are clearly on the decline and useless in contemporary world.

He limits the number of media outlets and further restricts the listings to English language programming.

The result is fascinating and informative.

I particularly enjoyed the section named ‘Classified Progam Lists’ which programming by topic -- everything from healthcare to philosophy.

For instance, I haven’t known Radio Australia offers a program on philosophy titled ‘The Philosopher's Zone’.


You could spend considerable time browsing the topics and sampling the actual program on the air or over the Internet.

It is the content of the media that matters most in this book, not necessarily the broadcast point of origin.


October 13, 2016

A book 'worldwide listening guide'

I'm a casual radio listener and not interested in so-called ‘SW DX'.

SW broadcastings are clearly on the decline.

I don't have any SDR nor communication receiver nor heavy external antenna.


Traveling worldwide with listening local broadcasts are always enjoyable experience.

The book focuses on programs’ content rather than distribution platforms, and contains some 4000 individual broadcasts in English, not only in SW but also a lot of platforms.

These are presented in time order, but also indexed by subject category, so if you're looking for a program on a particular topic, you don't have to look through the entire list. Music programs are sub-divided into categories such as Folk and Traditional Music, Rock Music etc.


A brief description of each program, indexed by title, is also included.

The main target market for the book is those in the US and Canada who want to listen to broadcasts from outside the US, but a substantial part of it is relevant worldwide, so times are given in UTC as well as Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) and in the local time of the broadcaster.

There are concise and well-written explanations of the different delivery platforms used by the broadcasters.


I think the author John Figliozzi is a long-time user of the WRTH and has clearly gone out of his way to make his book a complement rather than a competitor to it.

There is now also a website for the Worldwide Listening Guide, on which will be posted a consolidated program listing sorted by station, so that users interested in listening to specific stations can more easily find program of interest to them.

The wire-bound format of the book makes it perfect for placing beside a computer or radio.

I really like as a book worth buying, for any radio lovers listening worldwide.


the book and other my favorite books with my PL-680 


August 27, 2016

A book 'Radio Mania 2016' is going to debut on August 29

An annual book form titled 'Radio Mania' (2016 edition) is going to be published on next Monday by Sansai-books. (Sorry! only in Japanese)

I've the great pleasure to contributed to no less than 20 pages on this issue, as the following three articles;


1. Let's chase the 'Wide-FM' stations and collect their new verification cards.

2. The analysis of complementary/supplementary FM broadcasts' waves, based on actual reception results.

3. The travel for having an experience of Japanese Wide-FM stations vs Korean FM ones in Tsushima island, Nagasaki pref.

(This island belongs to Japan, but so close South Korea)


(the complementary/supplementary with Wide-FM - explanations on this blog)




My contributions have been seen on the latest five consecutive editions. (2015,2014, 2013, 2012-2011,2010)


Because I'd specialized in geography in Univ, radio listening in the course of my travels is intriguing.

I convince myself that I'm the only person who can create such kinds of articles both in English and in Japanese.  

I do my best to live up to the expectations of readers!


the cover of ‘Radio Mania 2016’


May 01, 2016

contributed to a Radio Life June 2016 issue. (published on Apr. 25, 2016)

'Radio Life' is a regular (monthly) magazine issued by Sansai-books, Japan.

(Sorry! only in Japanese)

I contributed no less than 12 pages to the latest issue, named ‘Radio Mania 2016 Spring’.

The first six pages are titled ‘Best buy from China-made compact sized four receivers.’

(An ER-C56F, an ER-C57WR, a PL-310ET and a PL-380)

The next six pages are titled ‘The best buy for premium four receivers.’

(An ICF-SW7600GR, an ATS-405, a DE1103-DSP and a PL-880)


the cover of this magazine







February 20, 2016

A book 'corpus of nostalgic BCL' will be published

An independent book titled 'Natu-ka-shi BCL Tai-zen' which means 'corpus of nostalgic BCL', will be launched on Feb 29 by Sansai-books, ltd.
(Sorry, only in Japanese)
I've the great pleasure to involved in planning and designing it.

'BCL' is the abbreviation of Broadcasting Listener.

In the 1970's in Japan, BCL began to be fashionable. (so to speak a 'BCL boom')

I mean listening to foreign SW broadcasts became a national fad primarily among junior and high school students (aged from 12 to 18)

It's said that the number of followers was more than three million.

I think that Japanese people have another side to their character which can be described as 'easily warmed up but just as easily cooled down'.

Thus the boom fell out of favor in the early 1980's.


Now, in Japan, especially after 2000's, BCL as a hobby or adults (former teenagers now adults who resume BCL) remain perennial favorites.

This book mainly introduces old 'BCL receiver's.


I do my best to live up to the expectations of readers.

Thank you for your cooperation.


the cover of this book


October 31, 2015

Appears on the 'Shortwave Monthly' 2015-11 version

One of a well-known and enthusiastic Japanese radio DXers, Mr.Takahito Akabayashi introduces this blog and my activities on his web site titled 'Shortwave Monthly' in Nov 2015 edition.
In Japanese,'Gekkan Tampa'
http://www5a.biglobe.ne.jp/~BCLSWL/     (Only in Japanese)

I'm flattered and honored to get his appreciation.
His web site is informative at any time, among all Japanese radio DXers and BCLs.

October 16, 2015

From Joerg Klingenfuss

I got a mail from Joerg Klingenfuss.

(runs a publishing company in Germany)

They're now working on their new products.


- 2016 Shortwave Frequency Guide

- 2016 Super Frequency List on CD

- 2016 Frequency Database for the Perseus LF-HF Software-Defined Receiver

- Supplement January 2016 to the 2015/2016 Guide to Utility Radio Stations


to be published on 10 December 2015.


Full-resolution title page graphics can be found at www.klingenfuss.org/r_2016.jpg and www.klingenfuss.org/r_2016.pdf www.klingenfuss.org/s_2016.gif and www.klingenfuss.org/s_2016.pdf


He wrote 'If you are able to supply additional new frequencies and stations, your cooperation would be highly appreciated'.

If can, please let him have your data by 20 October 2015.


Their article "Shortwave Reception via Web-SDR", as far as HF utility radio stations are concerned, is available at www.klingenfuss.org/websdr.pdf .

This fascinating technique with new sample screenshots of professional digital data stations worldwide will be integrated in the new 2016 editions of our products.


The printed Supplement, with 600+ new frequencies and stations monitored throughout 2015, will be attached free to all copies of the

2015/2016 Guide to Utility Radio Stations sold after 1 January 2016.

Those customers that did acquire the 2015/2016 Guide to Utility Radio Stations before that date may download the pertinent.

PDF file free from our website, after 1 January 2016.


The continuously updated product Digital Data Decoder Screenshots on USB Stick is highly successful and now covers more than 10,500 (ten thousand five hundred!) screenshots from 1997 to today.

Feed your PC or Tablet with this data, and the "slide show" will keep you busy for a few days - or weeks!


After a relatively "weak" solar cycle maximum with a hefty 210+ sunspots in May 2015, they still have sunspot numbers around 80, with some more considerable peaks expected such as - only recently! - 154 on 27 September 2015.

HF propagation conditions and long-distance communication continue to be pretty good.

New HF e-mail services, stations, networks and frequencies continue to emerge on a regular basis.

HF e-mail booms and service providers continue to expand.

No other publisher considers this revolutionary development accordingly.




Latest references (see www.klingenfuss.org/ref.htm)


Rüdiger Heim, Bad Orb - 4 September 2015: "2015 Shortwave Frequency Guide ... Vielen Dank für Ihre Mühe und die hohen Ausgaben!"


Dezider Monos OM5NA, Slovakia - 17 August 2015: "2015/2016 Guide to Utility Radio Stations ... Radio Data Code Manual ... The package was delivered today in excellent condition. I was surprised by the gift.

Excellent service, I appreciate it!"


Frank Ravenswood K2NCC, United States of America - 27 July 2015:

"2015 Shortwave Frequency Guide ... 2015/2016 Guide to Utility Radio Stations ... I have purchased from you before, and would like to do so again. I have a handful of your publications dating back to the late '90s."


Ivan Dias Jr., Brazil - 12 April 2015: "Shortwave Reception via Web- SDR ... A very interesting intem to translate to Portuguese and share online."


Anders Dahlgren SM6BMC, Sweden - 12 April 2015: "Shortwave Reception via Web-SDR ... Just fantastic development!! You are doing lots for the mankind!! Bought the printed 2015/16 latest Utility Guide - found lots of fine info indeed."


Travis Tyler, Germany - 19 March 2015: "2015/2016 Guide to Utility Radio Stations ... 2015 Shortwave Frequency Guide ... 2015 Super Frequency List on CD ... Radio Data Code Manual ... Thank you for working so diligently to provide such products!"


Radio User, United Kingdom - March 2015: "2015/2016 Guide to Utility Radio Stations ... 2015 Shortwave Frequency Guide ... 2015 Super Frequency List on CD ... Over the past 46 years, Klingenfuss Publications has built a reputation for producing superb frequency guides and reference books that are of interest to both professional and hobby radio enthusiasts. The latest editions are no exception.

Without doubt, the combination of these three items should meet the needs of most devotees for the low frequency, medium frequency and high frequency bands."


Miguel Carrillo Diaz, Canary Islands - 10 March 2015: "Gracias por sus publicaciones y su trabajo. Lo aprecio mucho."


John M., United States of America - 9 February 2015: "2015/2016 Guide to Utility Radio Stations ... over the years I have found your publications to be superior; especially as regards utility stations and digital decoding."


July 03, 2015

the 'Radio Mania 2015' will appear on July 28

An annual book form titled 'Radio Mania's 2015 edition will be

launched on July 28 by Sansai-books, ltd.

I've the great pleasure to contribute to no less than 15 pages

for this edition.

I've just finished writing and emendation.

I’ve done the following two articles;

1. The regional analyzing of new style low power community FM stations in Japan.

2. Which is the best receiver for AM-DX among SONY’s present models?

 (comparing ICF-EX5mk2, ICF-SW7600GR, ICF-M780N and ICZ-R250TV)

Unfortunately, can't describe the details at this time.

My contributions have already appeared on the past four consecutive

editions. (2014, 2013, 2012-2011,2010)

I've mainly described how to handle maps or atlases for radio listening.

Since I'd specialized in geography, radio listening is a very interesting

hobby through a perspective of geography.

To my regret, I've never seen any articles or columns related to

geographical point of view, in radio listening field.

Also hard to see any articles, blogs or something written in English
Japanese radio listening lovers.

I'm the only writer who can create such kinds of contributions both in

English and Japanese.

I do my best to live up to the expectations of readers

the surface of  'Radio Mania 2015'


May 01, 2015

Appears on the 'Shortwave Monthly' 2015-05 version

One of a well-known Japanese radio DXer, Mr. Akabayashi
this blog on his web site titled 'Shortwave Monthly'.
(May 2015
In Japanese , 'Gekkan Tampa'  (only in Japanese)


I'm flattered and honored to get his appreciation too much.

In 1990's, he and I had been regular column contributor to
'CQ ham radio'
monthly magazine issued by CQ publishing co,ltd.

This magazine is still available and the only Amateur radio

related monthly commercially-based publication in Japan.

Special thanks to Mr. Akabayashi!



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British DX Club

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Seoul Radio Listening Guide

  • The Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide
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