August 12, 2017

The past posts of 'travel_and_listening' category (in Japan) as of August 12

Why don't we savor 'simple listening' on the sidelines of travel?

Since I'd specialized in geography, travel with local radio listening (band-scan) is a very interesting hobby through a perspective of regional studies.

I assume that I'm the only person who can create such kinds of articles and columns both in English and in Japanese.

The following list is almost all past posts of 'travel_and_listening' category, heard in Japan, sorted them by ten geographical regions. 


1.Hokkaido the northern main island, near Russia


2016/10 FM band scan in Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido



2.Tohokunorth-east part of Japan 


2017/06 FM in Morioka, Iwate


2017/05 FM in Sendai, Miyagi



3.KantoTokyo and surrounding prefectures 


2017/07 FM in Yokohama, Kanagawa


2017/05 MW in Saitama


2016/08 Heard the AFN’s MW service in the restraining area, Yokosuka, Kanagawa


2016/08 The 'Enoshima Bali Sunset 2016', Fujisawa, Kanagawa



4.Hokuriku and Shinetsua central part of Japan's Japan Sea side


2017/06 FM in Fukui City


2017/05 FM in Niigata City


2017/05 MW in Komoro, Nagano


2016/05 Now in near Kanazawa, Ishikawa



5.Tokaia central part of Japan's Pacific Ocean side


2017/06 FM in Nagoya, Aichi


2017/05 FM in Gifu City


2016/07 MW in July 2016 in Gotmba, Shizuoka


2016/06 FM in May 2016 in Omaezaki, Shizuoka


2015/06 FM in June 2015 in Jukkoku pass, Atami, Shizuoka



6.Kinki Kansai area, including Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, etc


2017/04 in the ‘Kuchu-Teien’ , Osaka city


2017/04 in the Kobe airport, Hyogo



7.Chugoku the five prefectures: Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Tottori and Shimane 


2015/06 The flower festival and local FM stations in Hiroshima



8.Shikoku the four prefectures: Kagawa, Ehime, Tokushima and Kochi


 2014/05 Return from Takamatsu, Kagawa



9.Kyushu Kyushu and surrounding islands


 2017/03 Hakata, Fukuoka City


2016/09 Tsushima island, Nagasaki


2016/02 MW in Mar 2015, in Kagoshima



10.Okinawabetween the halfway of Kyushu and Taiwan 


2013/12 and 2014/01 in Okinawa



August 11, 2017

FM in July 2017 (in Yokohama, Japan)

Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan by population, after Tokyo, and the most populous municipality of Japan.

It is the capital city of Kanagawa Prefecture. It lies on Tokyo Bay, south of Tokyo, in the Kanto region of the main island of Honshu.

It is a major commercial hub of the Greater Tokyo Area.

Yokohama's population of 3.7 million makes it Japan's largest city after the Special Wards of Tokyo.

I was born and brought up in near Yokohama, right now live in near Yokohama and commute to work in Tokyo.

So I pass Yokohama on a daily basis, however seldom to set down recently.


(Yokohama official visitors guide)

(Yokohama in Wiki)


The Yokohama Landmark Tower is the second tallest building and 4th tallest structure in Japan, standing 296.3 meters high.

It is located in the Minato Mirai 21 district of Yokohama city, right next to Yokohama Museum of Art, work on the building was finished in 1993.

When built, it was the tallest building in Japan until it was surpassed by Abeno Harukas (in Osaka) in 2012. When opened.

On the 69th floor there is an observatory, named Sky Garden, from which one can see a 360-degree view of the city, and on clear days Mount Fuji.


the outward appearance of this tower 



(The official web site)

(from Wiki)


In July, I tried to do FM band-scan in the Sky Garden (69 th floor) and confirmed no less than 33 stations.

The receiver was my PL-380 with its telescopic antenna, the time was around 10am.

The word THP is a traditional high-powered regional FM station, including NHK, NLP is a new style low-powered community FM station and WFM is a new style complementary (supplementary) service by traditional MW broadcaster, mainly aired between 90MHz and 94.9MHz, sometimes called Wide-FM.


(MHz / station / style / location / SIO)


76.5, InterFM897, THP, Yokohama-Tsurumi, 555

77.1, The Open University of Japan (Hoso-daigaku), THP, Tokyo, 555

77.7, FM Yamato, NLP, Yamato-Kanagawa, 343 

78.0, Bay FM, THP, Funabashi-Chiba, 454

78.3, FM Shonan Nabasa, NLP, Hiratsuka-Kanagawa, 353 

78.5, FM Blue Shonan, NLP, Yokosuka-Kanagawa, 343 

78.9 Shonan Beach FM, NLP, Hayama-Kanagawa, 242 

79.2, K-Mix, THP, Shizuoka City, 242

79.5, NACK 5, THP, Tokigawa-Saitama, 252 

80.0, TOKYO FM, THP, Minato-Tokyo, 555 

80.4, FM Yokohama 847, THP, Odawara-Kanagawa, 343

80.7, NHK-FM, THP, Funabashi-Chiba, 454

81.3, J-Wave, THP, Sumida (Tokyo SkyTree)-Tokyo, 555


The posts of Tokyo SkyTree-related;


81.9, NHK-FM, THP, Yokohama-Isogo, 555

82.5, NHK-FM, THP, Sumida (Tokyo SkyTree)-Tokyo, 454

82.8, Kamakura FM, NLP, Kamakura-Kanagawa, 343

83.1, Radio Shonan, NLP, Fujisawa-Kanagawa, 444 

83.7, FM Totsuka, NLP, Totsuka-Yokohama, 353

83.9, FM Hot 839, NLP, Sagamihara-Kanagawa, 232

84.2, FM Kaon, NLP, Ebina-Kanagawa, 343 

84.7, FM Yokohama 847, THP, Hadano-Kanagawa, 555

85.1, NHK-FM, THP, Saitama City, 353

86.6, TOKYO FM, THP, Hinohara-Tokyo, 454 

87.0, FM Yokohama 847, THP, Isogo-Yokohama, 555

87.6, Shibuya no radio, NLP, Shibuya-Tokyo, 252  

88.3, J-Wave, THP, Minato-Tokyo, 454 

88.8, NHK-FM, THP, Shizuoka City, 242

89.7, InterFM897, THP, Minato-Tokyo, 555 

90.5, TBS radio (JOKR), WFM, Sumida (Tokyo SkyTree)-Tokyo, 555


91.6, Bunka-hoso (JOQR) , WFM, Sumida (Tokyo SkyTree)-Tokyo, 555


93.0, Nippon-hoso (JOLF), WFM, Sumida (Tokyo SkyTree)-Tokyo, 555


93.9, Shizuoka-hoso (SBS), WFM, Yaizu-Shizuoka, 252


94.6, Ibaraki-hoso (IBS Radio), WFM, Sakuragawa-Ibaraki, 353


in the Sky Garden









August 10, 2017

The past posts of 'travel_and_listening' category (except Japan) as of Aug 10


Why don't we savor 'simple listening' on the sidelines of travel?

The following list is all past posts of 'travel_and_listening' category, only local radios – no long distance MW nor short wave services (In my opinion, they're too obsolete) , except heard in Japan, amounts to no less than 26 countries/regions and six continents.


Posted yyyy/mm, location, (the cooperator)



France, Greece, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain and the UK


2011/09 Paris, France (Koji Hoshi)

2016/06 Corfu, Greece (Keith C Howells)

2015/11 Vilnius, Lithuania (Stephen Howie)

2015/09 Sankt-peterburg, Russia (Chrissy Brand)

2016/12 Bratislava, Slovakia (Chrissy)

2017/01 Canary islands, Spain (John Hoad)

2016/09 Majorca islands, Spain (Keith)

2015/10 Cornwall, the UK (Simon Hockenhull)



Morocco and on the sea near South Africa


2011/11 Rabat, Morocco (Koji)

2014/02 on the sea near South Africa (Rob Shepherd)



China (PRC), Hong Kong, India, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Taiwan


2012/08 Beijing, China (Koji)

2016/01 Hong Kong (China) (Koji)

2011/08 Mumbai, India (Koji)

2016/01 Macau (China) (Koji)

2017/06 Malaysia (Paul Ormandy)

2013/08 Singapore (Koji)

2017/01 Busan, South Korea (Koji)

2017/02 The special report ‘Seoul AM listening guide’ (Chris Kadlec)

2015/09 Seoul, South Korea (Koji)

2017/04 Colombo, Sri Lanka (Axel Roese)

2015/01 Taipei, Taiwan (Koji)


North America

Canada and the US


2017/07 AB and BC, Canada (Chrissy)

2015/08 Hamilton, ON Canada (Chrissy)

2015/08 NY, the US (Chrissy)

2015/08 Cedar city, UT the US (Chrissy)


Central and South America

Chile and Dominican Republic


2016/07 Valparaiso, Chile (Rob)

2015/11 Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic (Stephen)



Australia, French Polynesia(Tahiti), New Zealand and Northern Mariana islands(Guam)


2015/11 Sydney, NSW, Australia (Richard Jary)  - Sporadic E openings

2013/03 Perth, WA, Australia (Koji)

2016/07 Tahiti, French Polynesia (Rob)

2016/07 Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand (Rob)

2017/04 Wellington, NZ (Adam Claydon)

2014/08 Guam, Northern Mariana islands (Koji)


Thank you very much for all cooperators!


Chrissy Brand (East Sussex, the UK),

Adam Claydon (Palmerston North, New Zealand)

Axel Roese (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany),

Chris Kadlec (MI, the US),

John Hoad (Kent, the UK),

Keith C Howells (Wales, the UK),

Paul Ormandy (Oamaru, New Zealand)

Richard Jary (NSW, Australia),

Rob Shepherd (QLD, Australia),

Simon Hockenhull (South West England, the UK),

Stephen Howie (London, the UK).


August 09, 2017

FM in July 2017 (in BC and AB, Canada)

A principal member of BDXC, Chrissy Brand, based in East Sussex, went to British Columbia and Alberta - Canada last month.


Chrissy in front of the CBC's bldg. 



She really likes travel and listening (Band-scan) with a small radio, so has been appeared many times on this blog, as follows;


(FM in November 2016 in Bratislava, Slovakia)

(Radio listening in Canary islands, Spain)

(FM band-scan in St.Peterburg, Russia)

(FM band-scan in UT, the U.S.)

(FM band-scan in Hamilton, ON, Canada)

(FM band-scan in NY, the U.S.)

(Chrissy and her PL-380)

(Appear on DX international Radio)


In this travel, she had plenty of radio to listen, especially while driving between Vancouver Island, Vancouver and the Rocky Mountains.

She said the cities, scenery, lakeside and mountain walks were all spectacular.

The local radio was full of reports about the worst wildfires for many years, some of which we spotted.

There was some quality community radio, such as local music from CIMM Ukee Radio 99.5 MHz in Ucluelet and worldwide left of center news from CFRO Cooperative Radio in Vancouver.

She had a Sirius-XM satellite radio in the car; this gave us choices from well over 100 music and talk stations, including most of CBC, Canadian Indigenous People's Radio, NPR and BBC WS.


The report in Vancouver BC, 3rd to 5th & 10th July

(MHz Station, details etc.)

90.5 CBC R1, First Nation documents, Vancouver ferries, wx

90.9 CBC Ici Radio Canada Musique, classical mx

91.7 Coast FM, Nanaimo. wx, sunny on Vancouver Island 23°C *

93.1 CYKE Red FM, South Asian station, Hindi music

93.7 JRFM, 'Today's hot country', country music

94.5 Virgin Radio, pop music

95.3 CKZZ Z95.3, 'Vancouver's best mix', pop music

96.1 CHKG Fairchild Radio, chanson RR (but mostly Mandarin)

97.3 The Eagle, Vancouver Island, AOR, bear sightings info *

98.3 CIRH Roundhouse Radio, pop mx, nx, Vancouver wx

98.5 Ocean, Victoria, Vancouver Island 'perfect music mix' *

99.3 CFOX, The Fox, pop quiz, Jeff O'Neil show

99.9 CHPQ The Lounge, Parksville, 50 yrs of adult standards *

100.3 The Q, Victoria, Vancouver Island, rock, wx 25°C+ all week

100.5 CFRO, Vancouver Cooperative R, 100,000 demo in London

101.1 CFMI Rock 101, Led Zeppelin 'Ramble On', 70s-90s rock

101.7 CHLY, R Malaspina, Nanaimo, CR, Democracy Now! px *

101.8 CiTR R, Uni of BC, audioscapes, experimental mx

102.3 The Wave, Nanaimo. community ads, 'every kind of music' *

102.7 CKPK The Peak, Vancouver's modern rock, White Stripes

103.5 CHQM, QM FM, summer's best sounds, pop, soft rock mx

104.3 CHLG, LG 104.3, Kensington traffic. 60s-80s pop mx, blues

105.7 CBC Radio 2, classics & new mx, Blondie, 'Heart of Glass'

106.1 Kiss FM, '60 minutes of non-stop music'

106.5 KWPZ Praise FM, waterslides ad, 'whether you're on your

way to Bible study or an AA meeting, you're welcome here'

106.9 CHWF The Wolf, Nanaimo. heavy metal, Bowie 'Changes' *

107.5 Mountain FM, roads and wx 32°C, 'Squamish nice & clear'

*= stations based on Vancouver Island rather than in the city of Vancouver and its immediate suburbs.


Nanaimo, Vancouver Island BC, 10th July

88.1 CBC Radio 1

88.5 The Beach, 'Today's artists and classics'

90.1 Unid, several British Columbia stns use this freq, Latino mx

92.5 CBC R1, talk, wildfires spreading through British Columbia

96.9 CJAX FM, Vancouver, AOR

97.7 CBC Ici Radio Canada Premiere, FF

98.9 CFCP The Goat, Comox Valley, world class rock

104.7 CBC R 2, dance mx

104.9 CKSS, Kiss FM, Top 40 format

See also the Nanaimo stations which were logged in Vancouver.


Tofino, Vancouver Island BC, 9th July

90.1 CHMZ Tuff City Radio, Joan Jett, Cranberries 'Linger' & 90s

91.5 CBC Radio 1, Tofino, Stravinsky & Mozart clarinet talk

92.5 VOAR, 7th Day Adventist, Christian Family Network


Canmore, AB, 13th July

MHz Station, details etc.

90.3 AMP Radio. Calgary, better music mix station, Lady Gaga

104.3 CKUA, Banff, classical mx, New England composers

106.5 CHMN Mountain FM, electronic mx, station app info


Banff, AB 15th July

105.7 CBC, FF

100.1 Q 107, ad for '$44.99 oil change at Mr Lube'

96.3 CBCB R1, feature about Cleveland con artist

95.1 CJAY 92, rock music

93.3 Country 105, 'Blue ain't your colour' by Keith Urban


Golden, BC 16th July

93.1 Highway Advisory Radio Services, avalanche warnings

98.1 Unid, Hindi classical music

99.9 Unid, Scottish preacher 'God loves the sinner'

101.7 CBC R2, dry lightning threat, more wildfires

106.3 CKGR, EZ Rock, Nickelback, 'Today's best variety'


Special thanks to Chrissy!

extracted it from BDXC's monthly magazine 'Communication' (2017-08 issue)


August 05, 2017

FM in June 2017 (in Nagoya. Aichi Japan)

In last May, I did FM band-scan on the top floor of the ‘Midland Square’ in Nagoya City.

Nagoya is a big city, the capital of Aichi prefecture and the fourth most populous city in Japan after Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka.

And located in the Chubu (Central Japan) region, situated at the center of Japan's main island. It's the political, economic and industrial center of this region.


Midland Square houses offices of many companies including Toyota Motor Corporation, Towa Real Estate and Mainichi Shimbun.

It features a shopping center with 60 name-brand stores, two automobile showrooms and a cinema.

It also holds the record for the highest open-air observation deck in Japan.

Also of note are the unusual double-floored elevators, which take only 40 seconds to rise to the top.


 (Official site in English)

(The Midland Square on Wiki)


On the observation floor of Midland Square





The following posts are Nagoya-related;

(the verification card from Tokai Radio (Nagoya, Aichi, Japan)

(the verification card from CBC Radio (Nagoya, Aichi, Japan) and Mie pref)

(FM in May 2017 in Gifu, Japan)

The city of Gifu is very close to Nagoya.








The receiver was my PL-380 with its telescopic antenna, the time was around 2pm.

The word ‘THP’ is a traditional high-powered regional FM station, including NHK, ‘NLP’ is a new style low-powered community FM station and ‘WFM’ is a new style complementary (supplementary) service by traditional MW broadcaster, mainly aired between 90MHz and 94.9MHz, sometimes called ‘Wide-FM’.


(MHz / station / style / location / SIO)


76.1, MID-FM761, NLP, Nagoya City, 555

76.3, FM Okazaki, NLP, Okazaki City Aichi pref, 242 

76.5, FM Ichinomiya, NLP, Ichinomiya City Aichi pref, 353 

77.3, Nishi Owari CATV, NLP, Tsushima City Aichi pref, 252

77.8, ZIP-FM, THP, Nagoya City, 555 

78.9, FM Mie-Radio Cube, THP, Tsu City Mie pref, 353

79.3, FM Gifu, THP, Gujyo City Gifu pref, 141

79.5, Radio NEO, THP, Nagoya City, 555

80.0, FM Gifu, THP, Gifu City, 353 

80.7, FM - FM Aichi, THP, Nagoya, 555

81.5, FM Gifu, THP, Toki City – Gifu pref, 252

81.8, NHK-FM, THP, Tsu City Mie pref, 454

82.5, NHK-FM, THP, Nagoya City, 555

83.4, Medias FM, NLP, Tokai City Aichi pref, 242

83.6, NHK-FM, THP, Gifu City, 454

83.8, Pitch FM, NLP, Kariya City Aichi pref, 222 

84.2, United North, NLP, Inuyama City Aichi pref, 242 

84.5, Radio Sanq, NLP, Seto City Aichi pref, 232

84.8, NHK-FM, THP, Toki City Gifu pref, 242

85.6, NHK-FM, THP, Gujyo City Gifu pref, 151

89.4, Alfa station, THP, Kyoto City Kyoto pref, 151 

90.6, MBS Radio, WFM, Osaka/Nara , 353

91.9, OBC Radio, WFM, Osaka/Nara, 353 

92.9, Tokai Radio, WFM, Seto City Aichi pref, 555 

93.3, ABC Radio, WFM, Osaka/Nara ,353

93.7, CBC Radio, WFM, Seto City Aichi pref, 555


The verification cards of @FM(FM Aichi), Zip-FM and FM Cube (FM Mie)






July 23, 2017

MW in June 2017, (in Malaysia) -2

Paul’s comments of the reception locations across his travel.



Radio listening was impossible due to noise-levels in the hotel, think every room had a plasma TV!


WRT in Singapore, Koji tried to chase MW in a park , it was good location.

(long distance MW listening in SIN)

(FM band on Feb 15, 2012 in SIN)


Melaka City in Malaysia:

Bands were full of Thai stations with a few Indonesians.

Noted that there was a lot of common programming at times, other than news so difficult to work out who was who!

Tanah Rata (Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia):

Mix of Thai, China, Taiwanese, Indonesian and a few Filipinos.

Penang in Malaysia:

Thai stations were all over the show.

Only one Japanese (RKB radio in Fukuoka), lots of Chinese and Taiwanese and better signals from the Philippines.

Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia:

Philippines all over the dial, a few from the subcontinent, strong Taiwanese and Chinese also.

Bandar Seri Begawan in Brunei:

Their hotel was very noisy, a plonking great CRT in every room didn’t help and nothing new was heard.


The Royal Regalia Museum in Brunei from Wiki


July 22, 2017

MW in June 2017 (in Malaysia)

Why don't we savor 'simple listening' on the sidelines of travel?

Paul Ormandy, based in Oamaru – New Zealand, had stayed in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei in last June.

He kindly allowed me to introduce his MW reception result in Penang, Malaysia on this blog.

He and his wife traveled across Mayaisia from the city in the north to Kota Kinabalu in the east.

He said lots of the Filipinos used a mix of English and Tagalog.

They very commonly used English call-sign and a couple were heard giving their full license details at midnight local.

Have left out 99% of the Thai stations heard as, unless they use English IDs, they’re hard to identify for a non-Thai speaker!


Since I'd specialized in geography, travel with local radio listening (band-scan) is a very interesting hobby through a perspective of regional studies.

I'm the only person who can create such kinds of articles and columns both in English and in Japanese.


The past related posts on this blog

(long distance MW listening in SIN)


frequency (kHz) / UTC / Country - stations - remarks


558 1258 Philippines DZXL “Radyo Mo International DZXL nationwide” Pasig vgd

576 1214 Myammar Myanma Radio, Yangon, exc

594 1321 India AIR Bangla svce, Chinsurah, vgd

594 1249 Philippines DZBB Iloilo “Super Radyo” id, Peter Frampton song vg

612 1231 Philippines DYHP Cebu City “Radyo Mindanao Network” id, ads vgd

630 1010 Philippines DZMM Bulacan “Radyo Patrol” newstalk/relig

630 1251 Vietnam VOV1 Dong Hoi, fr-gd

657 1340 India AIR Kolkata exc

666 1221 Philippines DZRH Valenzuela, Tagalog tlk

684 1321 India Andaman Is. AIR Port Blair, Andaman Is fr-gd

693 1338 Bangladesh R Bangladesh, Dhaka vgd

702 1221 Philippines DZAS Valenzuela, strong Tagalog relig ids FEBC station

711 1146 Vietnam VN2 Dai Phat, Vietnam commercial prog, vgd

729 1332 Myanmar Myanma Radio, Yaegu fr-gd

738 1212 Philippines DZRB Metro Manila, news-tlk, vgd

756 1233 Indonesia RRI Purwokerto fr/w “Aidalfitri” (end of Ramadan celebration)

774 1218 Philippines DWWW Quezon City, ids “WWW 774” EE 70s songs

783 1235 Vietnam VOV2 Thoi Long vgd

837 1215 Vietnam VOV4 Thoi Long fr-gd

846 XXXX Philippines DZRV R Veritas, Quezon, relig EE exc

873 1221 Vietnam VOV Can Tho exc

882 1121 Philippines DWIZ Metro Manila, EE nx chat

918 1200 Cambodia Nat.R of Kampuchea, Phnom Penh, exc in EE till 1205 then into FF.

918 1331 Philippines DZSR Quezon City, Sports radio “another PBS station” gd

918 1230 Thailand So. Wor Thor, 3rd network, Chanthaburi, relaying EE from

Parliamentary Radio on 1071

927 1303 Indonesia RRI Pekanbaru, Aidalfitri celebrations fr-gd

981 1041 Philippines DXOW Mapa, “Radyo Asenso” Catholic relig, not // 1494

990 1137 Philippines DZIQ Makati, Radyo Inquirer, list of soldiers killed in Marawi, vgd

999 1038 Philippines DYSS Cebu City, “Super Radyo” string of ads in EE/Tagalog, gd

1017 1223 Thailand Tor Or, Prachaup Kiri Khan, “Air Force R” id in EE //954, EE pops.

1017 1033 Philippines DWLC Pagbilao, Tagalog tlk, fr-gd

1026 1215 Philippines DZAR Quezon City, strong Tagalog relig

1062 1130 Philippines DZEC Manila, ads, ids exc

1071 1230 Thailand Thai Pmntry R Sce, Samaedum, with “Parliament News Room” in

EE till 1255

1125 1228 Philippines DZWN Dagupan, “Bombo Radyo” cash prize givewaay, fr-gd

1143 1203 Taiwan BEL3 Yuye Guango, exc in Amoy, lots of ads

1179 1027 Philippines DWET Santiago “Life Radyo” Pentecostal Christian, fr-gd

1233 1153 Indonesia RRI Pontianak, call to prayer, gd

1242 1305 Vietnam VOV Khmer svce, exc

1242 1242 Philippines DWBL Valenzuela, Tagalog relig gd

1278 1302 Japan, RKB-Mainichi hoso JOFR Fukuoka, fr tlk

1278 1221 Philippines DZRM Cavite, Tagalog tlkbck gd PBS

1287 1244 Indonesia RRI Palembang, vgd w/Ramadan svce (Gd regular in Cyberjaya)

1314 1224 Philippines DWXI Tagalog relig, rough modulation

1341 1231 China PRC CRI Huadu, strong in EE

1341 1208 Indonesia RRI Ujung Padang, vgd

1359 1140 Taiwan R Taiwan Int, Fangliao, exc sig in EE //1269

1377 0944 Indonesia RRI Toli-Toli Pro1, call to prayer

1413 1155 Indonesia RRI Sungailiat, fr w/Ramadan svce

1440 1024 Philippines DWDH Dagupan City, ads EE/Tagalog, // 666, fr-gd

1494 1019 Philippines DXOC Ozamis, Radyo Asenso Catholic relig

1512 1213 Indonesia RRI Bukittinggi, vgd. (Always vg in Cyberjaya - Chief Ed.)

1530 1253 Indonesia R Islam Sabili, Jakarta, short Koran recitation then phone interview

1530 1310 Philippines DZME Bulacan, ads, lotto numbers, even heard at midday in KK

1548 1203 Philippines DZSD Dagupan, Super Radyo string of ads DZBB //594

1575 0630 Thailand R Thailand, Ban Pachi, EE nx, exc

1611 1012 Philippines DWNX Naga, Radyo Mindanao Network, weak Tagalog tlk


A street in Penang from Wiki


June 26, 2017

FM in May 2017 (in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan)

I went to Sendai City, Miyagi prefecture a few weeks ago.


Miyagi Prefecture is in the central part of Tohoku (means ‘North-East part of Japan’), facing the Pacific Ocean, and contains Tohoku's largest city, Sendai.

There are high mountains on the west and along the northeast coast, but the central plain around Sendai is large.

Matsu-shima located near Sendai, is known as one of the three most scenic views of Japan, with a bay full of 260 small islands covered in pine groves.


(Miyagi pref on Wiki)

(Sendai on Wiki)




Two regional commercial radio stations are available in Miyagi, as the TBC (Tohoku Broadcasting Corporation / MW / JOIR / 1260kHz / 20kW) and the Date fm.

TBC have three relays / repeaters on MW, their complementary / supplementary FM service is on 93.5MHz.

(the explanations on this blog)


Date fm is headquartered in Sendai City and their main frequency is 77.1MHz (JOJU-FM / 5kW), four relays / repeaters.


I tried to do FM band-scan at the observation room (31th floor) of the building named 'AER', near JR (East Japan Railway Company) Sendai station.

(The AER on Wiki)


The receiver was my PL-380 with its telescopic antenna, the time was around 3pm.

The word ‘THP’ is a traditional high-powered regional FM station, including NHK, ‘NLP’ is a new style low-powered community FM station and ‘WFM’ is a new style complementary (supplementary) service by traditional MW broadcaster, mainly aired between 90MHz and 94.9MHz, sometimes called ‘Wide-FM’.


(MHz / station / style / location / SIO)


76.2, Radio-3, NLP, Sendai Miyagi, 454

76.4, Radio Ishinomaki, NLP, Ishinomaki Miyagi, 252

77.1, Date fm, THP, Sendai Miyagi, 555

77.9, Ho-ho-emi, NLP, Iwanuma Miyagi, 232

78.1, Bay Wave, NLP, Shiogama Miyagi, 333

78.9, FM Taihaku, NLP, Sendai Miyagi, 353

79.7, FM Izumi, NLP, Sendai Miyagi, 555

80.1, Nato-radi 801, Natori Miyagi, 353

82.5, NHK-FM, THP, Sendai Miyagi, 555

87.0, Minami-soma hibari, NLP, Fukushima minami-soma, 252

89.1, Rakuten FM-Tohoku, NLP, Sendai Miyagi, 353

93.5, Tohoku-hoso TBC radio, WFM, Sendai Miyagi, 555


My PL-380 in front of the Sendai station



The AER bldg. on Wiki



views from the 31th floor of AER










June 23, 2017

FM in May 2017 (in Niigata, Japan)

Last month, I went to Niigata City.

Niigata Prefecture (‘Niigata-ken’ in Japanese) is located on the island of Honshu (main island) on the coast of the Sea of Japan.

The capital is Niigata City.




(Niigata Pref on Wikipedia)

(Welcome to Niigata on Prefecture site)

(Enjoy Niigata, official travel guide in English)


The ‘Toki’ is the prefectural bird of Niigata.

It (scientific name, Nipponia Nippon), similar in appearance to the heron, has a white body with a red tint on its wings and tail feather, a sharp beak, and unique eyes. Although toki used to be found in many areas of the Hokuriku (North Central) region, there no longer exists any native Japanese toki in the country and it is now recognized as an endangered species

I tried to do FM band-scan at the observation room (31th floor) of the ‘Toki Messe’, as the Niigata convention centre as located at the mouth of Shinano-river, in the heart of Niigata city, which is the landmark in Niigata City.


(the official site of Toki Messe)


Three regional commercial radio stations are available in Niigata, as the BSN (Broadcasting System of Niigata / MW / JODR / 1116kHz / 5kW) and the FM Niigata and FM Port.

BSN have seven relays/repeaters on MW, their complementary / supplementary FM service is on 92.7MHz.

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FM Niigata is headquartered in Niigata City and their main frequency is 77.5MHz (JOXU-FM / 1kW), seven relays/repeaters.

FM Port is a new FM station in Niigata, their main is 79.0MHz (JOWV-FM / 1kW) and two relays/repeaters.


The receiver was my PL-380 with its telescopic antenna, the time was around 3pm.

The word ‘THP’ is a traditional high-powered regional FM station, including NHK, ‘NLP’ is a new style low-powered community FM station and ‘WFM’ is a new style complementary (supplementary) service by traditional MW broadcaster, mainly aired between 90MHz and 94.9MHz, sometimes called ‘Wide-FM’.


(MHz / station / style / location / SIO)


76.1, FM Niitsu - Radio Chat, NLP, Akiba Niigata City, 555

76.5, FM KENTO, NLP, Niigata City, 555

76.9, Radio Agatto, NLP, Shibata Niigata, 353

77.5, FM Niigata, THP, Yahiko Niigata, 555

79.0, FM Port, THP, Yahiko Niigata, 555

82.3, NHK-FM, THP, Yahiko Niigata, 555

92.7, BSN radio (Niigata hoso), WFM, Yahiko Niigata, 555


the building of Toki Messe



What's Niigata confident



the views from the room






June 22, 2017

FM in June 2017 (in Fukui, Japan)

I’d stayed in Fukui City for a few days last week.

The Fukui Prefecture (‘Fukui-ken’ in Japanese) is located in  ‘Hokuriku’ region on Honshu (the main island).

The capital is Fukui City.

There are three prefs in Hokuriku as Toyama, Ishikawa (the capital is Kanazawa City) and Fukui.




(Fukui pref. on Wiki)

(The English page of Fukui Prefectural Government)

(Fukui tourism guide in English)

(The verification card from KNB radio, Toyama City)

(Now in near Kanazawa City, Ishikawa)


Many dinosaur fossils have been discovered in the northern part of this pref.

It is the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum that has made research on these fossils as the hub of dinosaur fossil research in Japan.

You can see the dinosaur painting on a part of JR West (West Japan Railway Company) Fukui station building’s wall.




on a platform of JR Fukui station



Two regional commercial radio stations are available in Fukui, as the FBS (Fukui Broadcasting System / MW / JOPR / 864kHz / 5kW ) and the FM Fukui.

FBS have two relays/repeaters on MW, their complementary / supplementary FM service is on 94.6MHz.

(the explanations on this blog)


FM Fukui is headquartered in Fukui City and their main frequency is 76.1MHz (JOLU-FM / 1kW), six relays/repeaters.

I tried to do FM band-scan in the observation floor (8th floor) of the ‘Aossa' located near JR Fukui station.


The receiver was my PL-380 with its telescopic antenna, the time was around 1pm.

The word ‘THP’ is a traditional high-powered regional FM station, including NHK, ‘NLP’ is a new style low-powered community FM station and ‘WFM’ is a new style complementary (supplementary) service by traditional MW broadcaster, mainly aired between 90MHz and 94.9MHz, sometimes called ‘Wide-FM’.


(MHz / station / style / location / SIO)


76.1, FM Fukui, THP, Fukui City, 555

77.3, Radio Island, NLP, Fukui City, 555

79.1, Tannan-FM 791, NLP, Sabae Fukui, 454

83.4, NHK-FM, THP, Fukui City, 555

94.0, MRO Radio (Hokuriku-hoso), WFM, Kanazawa Ishikawa, 252

94.6, FBC Radio (Fukui-hoso), WFM, Fukui City, 555


on the 8th floor of the 'Aossa' with my PL-380












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